Secure BMP Images Restore in Los Angeles

Recovery of *.bmp images in a step-by-step mode using Hetman Software data recovery products in LA. Free trial version!

Recovering Adobe Photoshop (.psd) Files

Read about setting up the autosave function and using Adobe Photoshop automatic file recovery. Let’s have a look at the programs to recover deleted .psd images. Adobe Photoshop is very reliable software but as well as other programs it may encounter errors and failures that are not necessarily caused by its own internal reasons, but quite often by the user’s actions.


Recovering Deleted Adobe Illustrator Files (*.ai, *.eps, *.ait, *.svg)

Read this article for detailed guidance on recovering deleted *.ai, *.eps, *.ait, *.svg files, restoring the last saved copy of an illustration, and finding your way through Adobe Illustrator autosave and recovery functions. Adobe Illustrator is one of the most popular vector graphics editors which also has functions for text management, color management and drawing.


Recovering Information with Signature Search

Read this article to find out how signature search works in data recovery tools allowing you to save information even from formatted, damaged and inaccessible disks. Signature search is a major data recovery technology that revolutionized the entire recovery market. Products using signature search can do things that appear magic. Tool employing signature search can undelete files deleted a long time ago, recover data from formatted and repartitioned hard drives, and extract information from disks with damaged or missing file systems.


Recovering Data: a Toolkit for Administrator

Read about recovering data from damaged disks, saving files with FTP or burning them to CDs: a system administrator’s data recovery kit. Data recovery tools for home users and small businesses are utterly different from tools intended for the use by system administrators managing networks of multiple PCs. Tools for system administrators will normally offer certain features that would unnecessarily complicate tools intended for the home user market. In this article, we will have a look at one of such tools, and discuss the features aimed at the sysadmin crowd.


Recover damaged JPEG files in 2024

Do you need to repair corrupted JPEG files? Are you looking for how to recover damaged files? What if files do not open after data recovery or open with an error saying “file damaged”? Are JPEG files available only in a small size (“preview”)?

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