Safe ZIP Archives Undelete Tool in Los Angeles

Recovery of compressed and inadvertently deleted *.zip archives with Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles.

Create and Restore Archived Files in Windows 10

Read this article to find out how to archive and extract a file in Windows 10. We will explore both system-integrated and third-party tools, with a closer look at how to restore a deleted archive containing a file or folder. Do you need to extract or archive files, but you don’t like commercial products with loud names like WinZip or WinRAR)? The latest version of Windows features built-in support for ZIP files, to say nothing of the numerous free tools that offer as much functionality as their commercial counterparts.


Recovering Data After a Blackout

Let’s see what may happen to your files if the power goes off. Consequences of a power surge or blackout can be really sad for your data. Power surges, blackouts and brownouts caused many troubles to computer users. Let’s face it: not every computer in the world is equipped with a battery pack or a UPS. The consequences of a power surge or blackout can be severe for your information. Let’s see what can happen to your file if the power is suddenly lost.


Recovering Compressed NTFS Files

Below, we’ll have a closer look on opportunities to recover files compressed with NTFS tools. To learn more about recovering protected and encrypted files, please read our article called Recovering Protected and Encrypted NTFS Files. Later on, we will consider the possibilities of recovering files compressed using the standard means of the NTFS file system.

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