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Accidentally deleted files, formatted volumes, repartitioned hard drives, virus attacks and file system failures are just a few of the many issues handled by Hetman Data Recovery Software.

Why Choose Us?

We have more than 100 000 happy customers spread across 158 countries. We provide a 30-day money back guarantee and user friendly support.

Common Issues

Accidentally deleted files, cleared Recycle Bin, formatted and repartitioned hard drives, virus attacks and file system corruption are typical causes of data loss. Our tools will recover files lost after all kinds of issues.

Supported Devices

Our data recovery tools support all types of storage media formatted with FAT and NTFS file systems. We support magnetic and solid-state hard drives, all types of memory cards including SD, MicroSD and Compact Flash, external and USB disks as well as USB pen drives.

100% Safety

Our tools are specifically designed to make the data recovery process completely safe. All our tools work explicitly in Read Only mode, support virtual drive images and allow saving information to any local or remote storage media.

Recovery Algorithms

Our tools employ highly sophisticated data recovery algorithms combining information obtained from the file system with raw data gathered from the hard drive in low-level mode. Our data recovery tools support file carving with signature search, enabling the recovery of the maximum number of files.

Pre-Recovery Preview

Our tools support pre-recovery preview, enabling you viewing the files in visual mode before they are being recovered. You can enter deleted archives, view deleted pictures or play back deleted music and videos. More than 200 file types are supported.

Ease of Use

An interactive Recovery Wizard will guide you through the recovery process one step after another. The convenient graphical user interface enables everyone to use our tools with great success, effectively hiding the complex recovery mechanics behind a highly usable interface.

Quality Support

We are proud to offer free technical support to all registered customers and users of free evaluation versions of our software. You are welcome to call us or contact us by email. Our dedicated technical support team will be happy to answer your questions and help you with your data recovery job.

File Saving

Our tools can save recovered files to any internal or external hard drive, burn CD/DVD media, create ISO images or utilize a remote upload via the FTP protocol. This enables uninterrupted recovery even if you are short in available disk space.

File Fixing

By fixing corrupted file structures, our dedicated file repair tool enables you to use damaged, corrupted and incomplete files with their respective editors, viewers or players.

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