Safe DBF Databases Restore in Los Angeles

Recovery of deleted *.dbf databases using advanced Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles.

Oracle Database Data: Backup and Restore

Read the article to learn what tools can help you back up or restore a lost Oracle Database - considering both built-in utilities and third-party software. Oracle Database stores all files of a created database in data files. Despite all data being logically kept in tablespaces, in fact it is the contents of files on a computer’s hard disk. For example, every database table is stored as lines in a specific data file. Often a certain database can be recovered by just restoring its data files and importing them into Oracle Database.


Recovering and Preventing Loss of DBMS Files and Data MSSQL

Read about recovering a deleted MSSQL database with built-in utilities or third-party tools. We’ll find out why a database can be lost and how to recover it in each of the cases. SQL Server is a database management system (DBMS) by Microsoft, which was originally developed to counter the growing popularity of Oracle Database and MySQL. As well as most DBMS, Microsoft SQL Server supports the standard ANSI SQL. However, the DMBS by Microsoft also supports its own version of the standard - T-SQL.


How to Recover a Damaged Or Deleted 1C Database (With the Example of «1С: Enterprise 8.3»)

The article describes methods for recovering a 1C database with built-in tools or third-party utilities, creating and recovering a backup file. For most 1C product users, lost or damaged database in «1C: Enterprise» is something they prefer not to think about. For them, the task of restoring a database seems something unreal, and losing it becomes a real disaster.

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