Data Recovery for Small and Large Businesses

Hundreds of companies from various countries use our products to recover information from workstations of employees or customers. Flexible pricing makes solutions affordable for both small businesses and large companies.

Data Recovery for Small and Large Businesses
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  • Third-party access to critical information can rob you of profit or business.

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  • Our programs recover the maximum amount of data.

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  • The advantages of recovering deleted files over restoring from backup are not always obvious.

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Information is the foundation of any business. If competitors get your supplier or customer database, it will cause irreparable financial and reputational losses:

  • Unpatented technological developments or research works often cost a lot of money.

  • In many cases it will be unwise to provide access to your data to specialists of other companies.

  • Many contracts include a clause for non-disclosure of their essence or details, and providing access to third parties may lead to criminal liability.


Reviews and Awards

Leading computer publications and laboratories recommend using our software package to work with hard drives and external drives. Read the opinion of independent experts.

Backup or<br>data recovery

Backup or
data recovery

Backups are considered the standard option for protecting information against a virus attack or accidental deletion. This is explained by the guaranteed ability to recover your data, but in most cases it is more convenient to restore a randomly deleted file:

  • Any employee can recover deleted data. To access the backups you need to contact the IT department, since only infrastructure administrators have access to the backups.

  • It takes quite a while to deploy the backup. Often this leads to downtime of many employees.

  • Regular backups require significant resources of the server and free disk space on the client’s disk at the time of data extraction.

  • If data loss is not immediately detected, the backup copy can be deleted and overwritten.

They trust us

Hundreds of companies have entrusted us with ensuring security of their data. Our customers include both small and large businesses.

Recovery Technologies

Our programs analyze the entire contents of the storage device and restore the maximum amount of data using the file table, the partition table and the signatures found at the beginning and at the end of files.

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