XLSX: Lost or Deleted Spreadsheets Restore in Los Angeles

Recovery of *.xlsx and *.xls spreadsheets of Microsoft Excel with the help of Hetman Software products in Los Angeles.

How to Recover an OpenOffice Document

In this article, we will explore the autosave and autorecovery features in OpenOffice. How to back up and OpenOffice document, restore a backup copy, and recover an accidentally removed OpenOffice file. Working in office applications takes quite a lot of time and effort. Also, office files are among those that can be lost or deleted accidentally for a number of reasons.


Autosave For Excel Files

Read this article to find out how to restore the original condition of an Excel document with the autosave function if there were some editing issues. A file accidentally edited or deleted can spoil your day, especially if there is no backup copy. Automatic data backup in Excel will boost security for your files by saving the previous version of a file automatically.

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