Data Recovery Algorithms Used In Utilities (Los Angeles)

Recovery algorithms used by Hetman Software products for restoring data incidentally lost or after formatting an NTFS or FAT partition.

Inside NTFS: File Recovery Algorithm

Read about data recovery procedure for NTFS disks and the algorithm used by file recovery apps. Now when we covered most of the theory, we can proceed to actually recovering files. As you may remember from our previous article, FAT was never designed with data recovery in mind. As a result, FAT was very inconvenient to work with when it came to recovering lost information.


Inside FAT: File Recovery

Read about the process of data recovery from a FAT disk and the algorithm used for file recovery. Now when we found the file system, we can start analyzing its records. Our goal is identifying addresses of the physical sectors on the disk that contain data belonging to a deleted file. In order to do that, a data recovery algorithm will scan the file system and enumerate its records.


Inside FAT: File Search

Read about peculiarities of data recovery from a FAT-formatted device. In 2013, there are plenty of file systems around. There are FAT, NTFS, HFS and many other file systems used by the many different operating systems. And yet, the oldest and simplest file system of them all is still going strong. The FAT system is aged, and has many limitations on maximum volume size and the size of a single file.


Data Recovery of Fragmented Files

Read this article to find out how to prevent file fragmentation, and how signature search works when recovering a fragmented disk. Recovering files from fragmented disks can be more difficult than restoring files that are stored on the disk in a single continuous chunk. In fact, the primary goal of the file system is to store information about the order of sectors on the drive containing files.


Recovering Protected and Encrypted NTFS Files

This article describes the process of recovery for files protected, encrypted or compressed with EFS (NTFS), and gives you hints on how to tackle possible problems. NTFS has a lot of features not even imaginable in the older file system, FAT. Alternative data streams, user access permissions, on-the-fly compression and encryption are just a few things that are obvious to a computer user. Undeleting deleted files as well as recovering corrupted NTFS partitions presents more of a challenge to the designer of a data recovery tool than the older file system. Let’s deal with these issues one by one.

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