PST Email Messages Recovery Tools in Los Angeles

Software-based recovery of *.pst databases in the Outlook format using Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles.

Restoring Data From an OST File with Outlook 2010

What can be done if an Outlook data file is lost or deleted but you need to recover its data.

In this article we will discuss restoring data from an OST file (offline folders file). Without Outlook, the same procedure cannot be done with the use of makeshift means, and it usually requires purchase of third-party software capable of converting an OST file into a PST file (personal folders file).


Restoring a PST File With Outlook 2016 Tools

In this article, we will focus on the main causes of why .pst personal folder files get damaged and will show you a simple way to restore them. Microsoft Outlook, an absolute leader in the segment of corporate email clients for desktops, stores user data in OST and PST files. An OST file is a cached copy of the user’s mailbox stored at MS Exchange server. A PST file is a personal folders file, containing the user’s email messages and it is stored locally on the computer.


Recovering Data After a Blackout

Let’s see what may happen to your files if the power goes off. Consequences of a power surge or blackout can be really sad for your data. Power surges, blackouts and brownouts caused many troubles to computer users. Let’s face it: not every computer in the world is equipped with a battery pack or a UPS. The consequences of a power surge or blackout can be severe for your information. Let’s see what can happen to your file if the power is suddenly lost.


Backup Policies and Fault Tolerant Systems

Why can we lose data even with fail-safe systems? The mistakes that users make most often. Data on a hard drive or a memory card can be easily lost, but their recovery is very difficult. There are definitely more than seven common mistakes made by computer users who want to reliably store information. The Top list assembled here is the result of many years of answering our customers’ queries and helping our clients handle the various cases of data loss.

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