Recover damaged JPEG files in 2024

Do you need to repair corrupted JPEG files? Are you looking for how to recover damaged files? What if files do not open after data recovery or open with an error saying “file damaged”? Are JPEG files available only in a small size (“preview”)?

Recover damaged JPEG files in 2024

Use Hetman Software programs to recover deleted files correctly, or fix file errors with Hetman File Repair.

Signs of a corrupted JPEG file

JPEG is the most popular and common format for images and photos. Just like other files, it can be damaged as a result of errors, crashes, virus attacks, network errors, software and system failures.

Damaged JPEG files may not open at all, or may open but you can see that they are damaged. Often, when you click on a damaged JPEG file, it opens in a distorted form or with a message saying that the image cannot be opened because it is damaged.

This is a serious problem, since in any case you can’t use such files. Yet don’t get upset too early: the files can be restored with special programs that fix damaged images.

Methods for recovering damaged files

Before using the software tools, though, you can also try to restore the file on your own:

  • Right-click on the file and change the file extension from .jpeg to.jpg or vice versa.
  • Try to open the damaged photo using another application for viewing images: there might be a software error that prevents you from viewing photos.
  • Open your JPEG file using one of the image editing tools. Sometimes, this way you can open the image and save it in a different, readable format.
  • We also recommend trying to open the image with a web browser.

If you tried all the options presented but you still can’t open a JPEG image or manage to open it but with obvious distortions, you can do it using a special program for fixing JPEG files.

Download the program

For this, just download, install and run Hetman File Repair. Using this tool, you can easily and safely fix most image and photo errors.

Using the trial version of the program, you can check the effectiveness of the program in your specific case with your images on your computer. You are given the opportunity to preview all recoverable images. And only if you are satisfied with the result of the free version of the program, you can register it for future use.

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Oleg Afonin

Author: , Technical Writer

Oleg Afonin is an expert in mobile forensics, data recovery and computer systems. He often attends large data security conferences, and writes several blogs for such resources as, Elcomsoft and Habr. In addition to his online activities, Oleg’s articles are also published in professional magazines. Also, Oleg Afonin is the co-author of a well-known book, Mobile Forensics - Advanced Investigative Strategies.

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Vladimir Artiukh is a technical writer for Hetman Software, as well as the voice and face of their English-speaking YouTube channel, Hetman Software: Data Recovery for Windows. He handles tutorials, how-tos, and detailed reviews on how the company’s tools work with all kinds of data storage devices.

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