Recovering My Documents Folder in Los Angeles

Recovery of the “My Documents” folder after a system cleanup or reinstallation using Hetman Software products in Los Angeles.

Why There Are No Deleted Files in the Recycle Bin

Read this article to find out why deleted files are sometimes missing from the Recycle Bin. How to configure the size of Recycle Bin in Windows, how to fix the damaged Recycle Bin, and how to restore permanently deleted files. Information is very important in this rapidly developing world. Widespread use of all kinds of computer devices has brought all information into the digital form. Personal computers and laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs, smartphones and other devices have access to information, process and store it, and identify it with specific users.


Why Files Won’t Open After Data Recovery? What Can You Do?

Read the article to learn why some files won’t open (or open with errors) after recovery. How to recover damaged files or restore their data. Any information stored by PC users is very important for them, no matter what kind of data that is and where it is applied. If such information is deleted, it can always be recovered to have the data back. However, quite often recovered files can’t be opened. Below, we will describe the main causes why files won’t open after recovery, and suggest possible ways of restoring access to such files.


System Restore Point in Windows 10

Read about creating and deleting a restore point, or using it to restore Windows 10. With the help of a restore point you can recover Windows 10 system files as well as restore operability of the operating system, correct errors that suddenly appeared or restore the system back to the condition at the time of creating the restore point.


How and Where Can You Store Data For a Long Time?

Read about choosing a proper device for storing your data safely. From time to time, many of us may think about how long we could store our data. It should be noted that a common laser disc with a record of some important event in your life or necessary data will be impossible to read in just 5 or 10 years. That is why it is worth looking for more reliable ways of storing data.

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