Recovering My Documents Folder in Los Angeles

Recovery of the “My Documents” folder after a system cleanup or reinstallation using Hetman Software products in Los Angeles.

How students can protect their laptops against data loss

Read this article for advice on reducing the risk of data loss - and make things easier even when this disaster strikes you. Laptop computers are great for managing student workload. Often being the one and only computer a student has, laptops are regarded as extremely important information containers. Losing access to information stored in a student laptop may easily cause havoc. Preventing such a disaster is utterly important.


Data Recovery is Impossible: SSD, Cloud and Online Services

The difficulties in recovering files deleted from SSDs, cloud and online storage services, RAID systems and NAS devices. In the first part of the article, we took a look at programs for recovering data from traditional hard drives. In this second part of the series “When Software Can’t Help” we’ll talk about flash-based (solid-state) storage, cloud storage systems and online storage services.


Recovering Deleted Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentation

Read about the causes of losing office documents, electronic tables and presentations, and how to recover the most valuable stuff you used to have. Office documents are among the most important files for any computer user. Accidentally deleting or otherwise losing a single document may require days or even weeks of work to re-create. Yet unsuspecting computer users around the world are losing hundreds of documents every day. Why does this happen, and what can be done about it? Let’s try to find out.

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