External HDD Data Recovery after File Deletion or Disk Formation in LA

Recovery of built-in and external HDDs using Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles. Free trial!

How to Restore Hard Disk Capacity and Recover Missing Space

If the disk space in your computer is incorrectly displayed, or free disk space decreases, or the overall disk performance deteriorates, all that may happen for a number of reasons. Read this article to find out how to restore original capacity of a hard disk and recover the missing disk space.


How to Configure BitLocker Encryption For an Internal HDD or External USB Drive in Windows

Read this article to find out how to protect your internal or external storage from unauthorized access by encrypting it. How to configure and use the integrated Windows feature - BitLocker encryption. The operating system lets you encrypt local disks and removable drives with the integrated encryption tool - BitLocker. When the TrueCrypt team closed their project suddenly, they recommended their users to switch to BitLocker.


Recovering Data of a Windows To Go Workspace

Read more about this portable version of Windows: how to create and boot it. How to recover data with a Windows To Go drive, or from a drive containing the portable version of the operating system. Windows To Go is a new tool inside Windows 10 that can be used to create a portable version of the operating system on an external hard drive or a USB pen drive. Such operating system can be booted and used on any computer.

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