OneNote (*.one) notebooks and notes files recovery in Los Angeles

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OneNote: Recover Notebooks Files and Notes

This article describes methods of recovering OneNote notebooks and notes after reinstalling Windows, formatting the hard disk or accidental deleting. OneNote is the application to create notes with the use of your computer. It is interesting to know that notes are not limited to text format only; there are also some options for drawing and pasting of table and graphic modules, audio comments or videos. OneNote is a part of the Microsoft Office package, and Windows 10 also has an integrated OneNote application.


Recovering Data After a Blackout

Let’s see what may happen to your files if the power goes off. Consequences of a power surge or blackout can be really sad for your data. Power surges, blackouts and brownouts caused many troubles to computer users. Let’s face it: not every computer in the world is equipped with a battery pack or a UPS. The consequences of a power surge or blackout can be severe for your information. Let’s see what can happen to your file if the power is suddenly lost.


Recovering Office Document Files

Read about recovering a deleted document without leaving your home, and what utilities are good enough for an ordinary user. Documents such as Word files, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Access databases and a wide range of other titles are among the most valuable to their users. Unlike photographs that can be snapped in an instant, it takes a lot of time to create a document. And it only takes a single moment to lose it.

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