Recovering xD-Picture Card Data in Los Angeles

Software-based recovery of xD-Picture Card memory cards (S, M/M+ and H models supported) from Hetman Software in Los Angeles.

How to Unlock a Write-Protected USB Drive, Memory Card, or a Hard Disk in Windows 10, 8 or 7

Read this article to find out what to do if you see the message “The disk is write-protected” or “You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation” when trying to format a USB flash drive, memory card or hard disk. Also, learn how to disable protection and unlock any device if you can’t create a file or copy files to a USB drive or a memory card because the device is write-protected.


Inside FAT: File Recovery

Read about the process of data recovery from a FAT disk and the algorithm used for file recovery. Now when we found the file system, we can start analyzing its records. Our goal is identifying addresses of the physical sectors on the disk that contain data belonging to a deleted file. In order to do that, a data recovery algorithm will scan the file system and enumerate its records.


Recovering Data From Flash Drives And Memory Cards

Any user can recover any type of files on their own - by just using the right tools for the job. Read more in the article below. USB flash drives are used to carry files around, while memory cards such as SD, SDHC, Compact Flash or SONY Memory Stick are used in a variety of devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players. While these solid-state storage media appear as drive letters in Windows, their principle of operation is very different from hard drives. As a result, they require a different approach to recover information.


Shooting RAW (digital negatives): Better Image Quality

In this article we’ll talk about advantages and disadvantages of RAW image formats when compared to JPEG. In film era, there were slides and prints. In today’s digital world, there are RAW’s (digital negatives) and JPEGs (digital pictures). Photographers have polarized opinions on shooting one format or another. Digital SLR and mirrorless cameras have been offering the ability to shoot RAW for a long while. Many photographers are switching from shooting JPEG to capturing images in RAW format for some obvious and some less obvious reasons.

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