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How to Unlock a Write-Protected USB Drive, Memory Card, or a Hard Disk in Windows 10, 8 or 7

Read this article to find out what to do if you see the message “The disk is write-protected” or “You do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation” when trying to format a USB flash drive, memory card or hard disk. Also, learn how to disable protection and unlock any device if you can’t create a file or copy files to a USB drive or a memory card because the device is write-protected.


Recovering Data From RAW Flash Drive or Memory Card (SD, MicroSD)

Read this article to learn more about recovering files from a flash drive or SD/MicroSD memory card switching to RAW file system after a failure, and how to fix such media. Is the file system of a USB flash drive or an SD, MicroSD memory card recognized as RAW? Are you at your wits’ end how to fix a RAW flash drive and recover the inaccessible data? Can’t format a memory card? Need to convert it into NTFS or FAT32 without losing data? Has the file system of a storage device changed in RAW - how to fix it? You will find answers to these and other questions in our article.


How to Format Your Flash Drive if Windows Standart Tools Cannot Complete The Format

Read to know what to do if there is a USB drive format error: how to format it again and recover the lost data. To continue the topic of repairing USB flash drives that we brought up in the article “How to Repair a Flash Drive,” let us consider one more case involving a failure in the work of this data carrier.


Inside NTFS: File Recovery Algorithm

Read about data recovery procedure for NTFS disks and the algorithm used by file recovery apps. Now when we covered most of the theory, we can proceed to actually recovering files. As you may remember from our previous article, FAT was never designed with data recovery in mind. As a result, FAT was very inconvenient to work with when it came to recovering lost information.

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