Disk Fragmentation and Searching Deleted Files in Los Angeles

Recovery of fragmented files, software-based disk defragmentation with Hetman Software in Los Angeles.

Windows 10 Tools to Help You Save Your Data

Read this article about key security tools in Windows 10 and how to use them properly to protect your data and feel secured against their possible loss. Initially, Microsoft promoted Windows 10 as the safest operating system. How did Microsoft manage to achieve that? Let’s explore key security tools offered by Windows 10 and how to use them efficiently.


The Error «A Disk Read Error Occurred» or «BOOTMGR is Missing» – How to Fix

While working with the computer, you must have seen a number of errors, and one of them can be A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart or BOOTMGR is missing. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. Read this article on the causes behind these errors and how to fix them.


What to Do When Your Hard Disk (HDD) Gets Slow?

Read about accelerating a slow hard disk, cleaning it from junk files, check it for errors and bad sectors. When computer performance deteriorates many users turn their attention to the central processor and video card. Meanwhile, the hard disk has a considerable influence on the computer’s performance, and sometimes even crucial.


Six Reasons Why Your External Drive May Get Slow

Read about methods to accelerate an external hard disk and things that make it work slowly. Nowadays it is more convenient to transfer films, games and other files with an external hard drive rather than with a flash drive or a DVD. In the first place, the copying speed is considerably higher, from 30-40 MB/s for an external disk versus 10 MB/s for a DVD). Secondly, you can write and erase information to a hard drive for as many times as you wish, and do it faster than you can with a DVD. Thirdly, with an external disk you can carry dozens and hundreds of various files. Capacity of modern external disks comes up to 2-6 TB and their small size allows carrying them just in your pocket.

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