Recovering Toshiba Laptop, Memory Cards, Drives Data in Los Angeles

Software-based recovery of Toshiba laptops, memory cards, external and internal HDD, SSD, USB drives using Hetman Software products in Los Angeles.

Restoring Bad Sectors and Fixing HDD Errors

Read about the ways of fixing HDD errors, if it is possible to restore bad sectors and how you can do it. Let’s find out how to recover data from faulty hard disks. When bad sectors and other hard disk issues appear, it may result in losing all the information on the disk. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about the possible ways to fix such errors and recover data from faulty disks.


What Can I do When the Computer Doesn’t Recognize an External HDD?

Read about fixing an external hard disk that can’t be recognized by Windows. Causes of the problem and how to fix it. External hard disk drives (HDD) are becoming more and more popular these days and sometimes it seems they are going to steal popularity from USB flash drives. It is no wonder, because latest models look like quite small boxes the size of a cell phone but can contain 1-2 TB of data!


What to Do When Your Hard Disk (HDD) Gets Slow?

Read about accelerating a slow hard disk, cleaning it from junk files, check it for errors and bad sectors. When computer performance deteriorates many users turn their attention to the central processor and video card. Meanwhile, the hard disk has a considerable influence on the computer’s performance, and sometimes even crucial.

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