Excel: Restore Lost Spreadsheets and Workbooks in Los Angeles

Recovery of Excel spreadsheets with Hetman Software products after the emptying the Windows “Recycle Bin” or the “My Documents” folder in Los Angeles.

Autosave For Excel Files

Read this article to find out how to restore the original condition of an Excel document with the autosave function if there were some editing issues. A file accidentally edited or deleted can spoil your day, especially if there is no backup copy. Automatic data backup in Excel will boost security for your files by saving the previous version of a file automatically.


How to Recover a LibreOffice Document

Several ways to recover an unsaved or accidentally deleted or lost document created in one of the programs within LibreOffice package. Do you need to recover an unsaved or lost document created in LibreOffice software package? There are several ways to restore either unsaved or accidentally deleted document created in one of the programs from LibreOffice package.


How to Recover a Damaged Or Deleted 1C Database (With the Example of «1С: Enterprise 8.3»)

The article describes methods for recovering a 1C database with built-in tools or third-party utilities, creating and recovering a backup file. For most 1C product users, lost or damaged database in «1C: Enterprise» is something they prefer not to think about. For them, the task of restoring a database seems something unreal, and losing it becomes a real disaster.

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