How to Recover a LibreOffice Document

Several ways to recover an unsaved or accidentally deleted or lost document created in one of the programs within LibreOffice package. Do you need to recover an unsaved or lost document created in LibreOffice software package? There are several ways to restore either unsaved or accidentally deleted document created in one of the programs from LibreOffice package.

How to Recover a LibreOffice Document


Unsaved LibreOffice document recovery

LibreOffice gives you the opportunity to recover an unsaved document with the help of its integrated tools. For example, if a document was closed without saving, the program will suggest saving it when you open it next time. The programs included in this package have an autosave function.

In order to restore an unsaved LibreOffice document, do the following:

  • Open the document which was closed without saving, and the program will suggest recovering the unsaved document.

    LibreOffice suggest recovering the unsaved document
  • Click «Start» and the document will be recovered.

    LibreOffice. Click «Start» and the document will be recovered

LibreOffice backup copy recovery

If for some reason the program didn’t suggest autorecovery for an autosaved document, it can also be recovered from a backup copy which LibreOffice creates automatically. To do it:

  • Open a LibreOffice Writer or Calc document

  • Go to the menu Tools / Options.

    LibreOffice. Tools / Options
  • In the opening window, find the LibreOffice / Paths menu and select it.

    LibreOffice. Paths

If you follow the path, in “backup” folder you will find the latest file which you can use to recover the autosaved document. To open it, start the corresponding LibreOffice program and open the backup copy (.bak) with the menu File / Open.

LibreOffice backup copies are saved to this folder:

Please note that the LibreOffice option to create autosave copies is disabled by default. To enable it, go to the menu Tools / Options / Load/Save General, and check the box next to «Always create backup copy» and «Save AutoRecovery information every…».

LibreOffice. Load/Save

Now backup copies will be created automatically every time the file is saved.

Recovering a Lost or Deleted LibreOffice File

You can recover a LibreOffice document deleted or lost for some reason with the help of Hetman Partition Recovery or Hetman Office Recovery.

To do it, start the program and scan the media you need to restore LibreOffice files from. After the analysis is over (Fast scan) choose the folder Content-Aware Analysis, and the program will suggest you to choose the type of files you want to find.

Hetman Partition Recovery. Selected file types

Select files in *.odp, *.ods or *.odt format and click OK. As a result of the analysis, Hetman Partition Recovery will find and show all files of these formats.

Author: Michael Miroshnichenko


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    He was right though. You should state on the start that you can recover the files AFTER you pay. Like this it really seems like tricking people into buying it by holding them hostage first. It’s strange you can’t see the malpractice here, I can.

    • Andrey Mareev 6 months ago

      If You can see the live Preview of these files – You can recover it, if not – You can’t

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    So the free download just teases you with hopes you’ll have your work back. But then you have to pay over a hundred dollars to recover them. How delightful. Thanks for smashing my hopes on finding my novel.

    • We offer free trial version of the program. It will display all the files that can be recovered. As a result, you can make a decision whether to buy a license for the program or not. I think everything is fair.

      • Sean Lazenby 1 year ago

        Its called holding people hostage so you can make a dollar or two. I can imagine that for some people its not about whether or not they “want” to purchase a license its about not eating for a couple days or buying a license.

        • Cody 8 months ago

          Why do people think everything online should be free? Seems kind of odd to complain about “holding people hostage so you can make a dollar or two . . . . [and] not eating for a couple of days” when you apparently expect the people who work at Hetman Software to go to work everyday and never get a paycheck. How are THEY supposed to eat?

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    how do I restore libre writer files

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