Recovering "Oracle Database" databases in Los Angeles

Recover deleted MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server databases with Hetman Software in Los Angeles. Free trial software!

Oracle Database Data: Backup and Restore

Read the article to learn what tools can help you back up or restore a lost Oracle Database - considering both built-in utilities and third-party software. Oracle Database stores all files of a created database in data files. Despite all data being logically kept in tablespaces, in fact it is the contents of files on a computer’s hard disk. For example, every database table is stored as lines in a specific data file. Often a certain database can be recovered by just restoring its data files and importing them into Oracle Database.


How to Recover a Damaged Or Deleted 1C Database (With the Example of «1С: Enterprise 8.3»)

The article describes methods for recovering a 1C database with built-in tools or third-party utilities, creating and recovering a backup file. For most 1C product users, lost or damaged database in «1C: Enterprise» is something they prefer not to think about. For them, the task of restoring a database seems something unreal, and losing it becomes a real disaster.

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