Recovering RAW Photos in Los Angeles

Software-based recovery of RAW images taken with professional DSLR cameras using Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles.

Why Files Won’t Open After Data Recovery? What Can You Do?

Read the article to learn why some files won’t open (or open with errors) after recovery. How to recover damaged files or restore their data. Any information stored by PC users is very important for them, no matter what kind of data that is and where it is applied. If such information is deleted, it can always be recovered to have the data back. However, quite often recovered files can’t be opened. Below, we will describe the main causes why files won’t open after recovery, and suggest possible ways of restoring access to such files.


Recovering Data From Flash Drives And Memory Cards

Any user can recover any type of files on their own - by just using the right tools for the job. Read more in the article below. USB flash drives are used to carry files around, while memory cards such as SD, SDHC, Compact Flash or SONY Memory Stick are used in a variety of devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players. While these solid-state storage media appear as drive letters in Windows, their principle of operation is very different from hard drives. As a result, they require a different approach to recover information.

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