Windows Based Data Recovery Tools in Los Angeles

Programs compatible with Windows Vista, Seven, Eight, XP for recovering deleted or corrupted files from Hetman Software in Los Angeles.

Android and Windows Phone: Data Loss and Recovery Issues

Read this article to know why data can be lost from mobile devices and how it can be recovered. A guide on data recovery from a memory card. Android tablets and smartphones seem to dominate the mobile market, or at least its price-conscious side. Windows Phone and Windows RT devices occupy a small niche in the market, but have a great potential. One thing in common between Android and Windows based devices (but not Apple iPhone/iPad series) is their ability to extend their available memory with the use of an external memory card.


Choosing the Right File System: FAT and NTFS

Read to find out what file system is better and when, and learn what devices are compatble with FAT or NTFS. Windows offers the choice between two file system families: FAT and NTFS. When formatting new media, you can have a question as to which one is the better file system. As usual, there is no single definite answer. Both file systems can serve you better under a variety of circumstances.


Why Deleted Files Can Be Recovered?

Get to know how files are stored on your hard disk and how Windows works when you delete files. With so many inexpensively priced data recovery and undelete tools on the market, one may wonder what magic they do to get deleted files back. Is it really a very complex and time-consuming process, or can anyone do it at home? To answer the question, we should first look at what Windows does when you delete a file.


Windows computer data recovery in 2024

Did you delete important information from the computer? Are you looking for a program to recover information from a personal computer? The security of information recovery cannot be neglected – use products by Hetman Software to safely recover information both at home and at work. Our tools meet all security requirements for professional data recovery.

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