Corsair Disk Data Restore Tools in Los Angeles

Recovery of Corsair SSD and USB drives after formatting or file removal with Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles.

Recovering Lost Videos from a Digital Video Camera or Action Camera

Read about recovering photo or video files from a digital camera and possible causes why they can be lost. A modern digital video camera is a device combining the functions or recording videos and taking digital photographs. However, its main function is recording videos, with photographs being an accompanying option.


Securely Destroying Information: The Issue of Solid-State Drives

Read about peculiarities of SSDs when it comes to storing and deleting information, and why traditional data recovery methods don’t work for solid-state drives. There are two issues with Solid-state drives. First, it’s very difficult to erase anything really secure. Second, it’s very difficult to recover information no matter which way it’s been erased. Pretty much everything said above only applies to conventional magnetic hard drives, USB flash drives and older SSD drives with no TRIM support.


Choosing the Right File System: FAT and NTFS

Read to find out what file system is better and when, and learn what devices are compatble with FAT or NTFS. Windows offers the choice between two file system families: FAT and NTFS. When formatting new media, you can have a question as to which one is the better file system. As usual, there is no single definite answer. Both file systems can serve you better under a variety of circumstances.


Recovering Information from SSD: Myths and Reality

Read about SSD recovery issues: physical destruction of files with TRIM command and when it doesn’t work. SSD drives are quickly replacing traditional magnetic hard disks. Often used as system disks, SSD drives hold the operating system, application, and all or most user files such as documents, settings, browser favorites, email etc. Having no moving parts, SSD drives are supposedly more reliable than their mechanical counterparts. However, user error, virus attacks and operating system failures present similar issues of data integrity.

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