Safe HDD Data Recovery after File Deletion and Disk Formation in LA

Recovery of built-in and external HDDs using Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles.

Why Today’s Data Recovery Tools are Better than Undelete.exe

Read to find out the difference between simple and obsolete data recovery software vs. present-day tools. Data recovery software has come a long way since the “unerase” tool was introduced in Norton Utilities 1.0 in 1982. A few years later, Microsoft added “undelete.exe” was added to MS DOS 5. Both tools relied on the properties of the file system (FAT16 at the time) to retain information about deleted files in its directory structures.


Formatted Hard Drive Data Recovery in 2024

Looking for how to recover hard drive partitions ? One of the most common reasons for losing large amounts of important data is unintentional formatting of the hard disk. Such cases often occur during deletion or redistribution of partitions, conversion of the file system of a drive from FAT to NTFS (or vice versa), and also after selecting the wrong drive during installation of the operating system.


Windows computer data recovery in 2024

Did you delete important information from the computer? Are you looking for a program to recover information from a personal computer? The security of information recovery cannot be neglected – use products by Hetman Software to safely recover information both at home and at work. Our tools meet all security requirements for professional data recovery.


When Software Can’t Help: Hard Disk Drives

When data recovery software can’t help you anymore: the signs of your hard disk worn out to the limit. As manufacturers of software tools for recovering users’ data, we are often presented with cases when our tools could not help. Is there a different tool that could do the job better, or is information truly unrecoverable? In this article we’ll have a look at physically damaged storage devices, review early signs of upcoming failure and give tips on what to do next if your storage device has failed.


Organizing and Displaying Your Photo Albums

Read this article to know how to store photo archives properly: pros and cons of social media, online albums and image hosting services.

You’ve shot hundreds or thousands of pictures. Now what? You’ll probably want to get them organized, and will most probably want to share some of them with others. Depending on your goals, you may want to look for the right solution among the two big categories.

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