List of Camera Errors By Manufacturer

Your camera can show error messages for a variety of reasons which may include problems with the memory card, the lens or the camera itself. Use the camera message code or text to look for the solution.

List of Camera Errors By Manufacturer

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📡 How to recover a Video File from Non-Operational Video Recorder (Hikvision DS-7104NI-Q1/4P) 📡

📡 How to recover a Video File from Non-Operational Video Recorder (Hikvision DS-7104NI-Q1/4P) 📡

Agfa Camera Errors

  1. Card full;
  2. Picture error;
  3. No picture;
  4. Lens error;
  5. System error;
  6. Write protect;
  7. Out of the range;
  8. Card is not formatted, format?;
  9. This image cannot be deleted;
  10. Warning! Camera recording, please wait.;
  11. Warning! Battery exhausted.;
  12. This file cannot be played back;
  13. No connection;
  14. Print error;
  15. Cannot print;

Canon Camera Errors

  1. Err 01: The communication between the camera and lens is faulty;
  2. Err 02: The camera cannot access the memory card;
  3. Err 03: There are too many folders on the memory card;
  4. Err 04: Images cannot be saved because the memory card is full;
  5. Err 05: The built-in flash could not be raised;
  6. Err 06: The sensor cleaning is not possible;
  7. Err 10: A malfunction with the files on the memory card has been detected;
  8. Err 20: A malfunction with the mechanical mechanism has been detected;
  9. Err 30: A malfunction with the shutter has been detected;
  10. Err 40: A malfunction with the power source has been detected;
  11. Err 50: A malfunction related to the electric control has been detected;
  12. Err 60: An error occurred preventing shooting, the lens movement may be obstructed;
  13. Err 70: A malfunction with the images has been detected;
  14. Err 80: A malfunction with the electric control or images has been detected;
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Casio Camera Errors

  1. Alert;
  2. Battery is low;
  3. Can not find the file;
  4. Card error;
  5. Check connections!;
  6. Connecting to the network;
  7. File could not be saved because battery is low;
  8. Folder cannot be created;
  9. Lens error;
  10. Lens error 2;
  11. Load paper!;
  12. Memory full;
  13. Printing error;
  14. Record error;
  15. System error;
  16. The card is locked;
  17. There are no files;
  18. There are no printing images. Set up DPROF;
  19. There is no image to register;
  20. This card is not formatted;
  21. This file cannot be played;
  22. This function cannot be used;

Contax Camera Errors

  1. Memory card;
  2. Card Full;
  3. No card;
  4. Write protect;
  5. Card error or unsupported format;
  6. No image;

Epson Camera Errors

  1. This memory card is write-protected;
  2. Memory card error. Check the memory card;
  3. No memory card inserted;
  4. Not enough free space on the memory card;
  5. This frame cannot be used with this camera;
  6. The maximum number of Frames that can be registered to the memory card has been reached;
  7. No images;
  8. This image cannot be displayed;
  9. This file cannot be deleted because it is locked or form some other reason;
  10. Printer error;
  11. This image cannot be printed;
  12. Could not print. Retry?;
  13. A communication error has occurred.;
  14. XX images could not be printed.;
  15. Cannot print because the necessary Frame file does not exist or is unusable;

Fujifilm Camera Errors

  1. B (red);
  2. A (blinks red);
  3. K;
  4. S;
  5. Aperture or shutter speed shown in red;
  6. Blink detected;
  7. Focus error;
  8. Lens control error;
  9. Card not initialized;
  10. Protected card;
  11. Busy;
  12. Card error;
  13. Memory full;
  14. Write error;
  15. Read error;

Hasselblad Camera Errors

  1. Memory card error;

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Camera Errors

  1. Kode XXX-021: Lens Error (general);
  2. Kode XXX-022: Lens Error (zoom cannot retract);
  3. Kode XXX-033: Lens Error (lens cannot extend);
  4. Kode XXX-041: Lens Error (zoom in failed);
  5. Kode XXX-081: Lens Error (zoom out failed);
  6. Kode XXX-200: Unsupported card;
  7. Kode XXX-202: Unable to format card;
  8. Kode XXX-100: Error saving image;
  9. Kode XXX-102: Error saving video;
  10. Kode XXX-400: Batteries Low;

Kodak Camera Errors

  1. Cannot set device information;
  2. Cannot get device information;
  3. No Device Connected;
  4. Date and Time have been reset;
  5. Card is full;
  6. No memory card;
  7. No album names on camera;
  8. Internal memory cannot be read;
  9. Recording stopped. Record in internal memory;
  10. High Camera Temperature;
  11. Internal memory requires formatting;
  12. Memory card is full;
  13. Memory card is unusable;
  14. Memory card is protected;
  15. Unrecognized File Format;
  16. Memory card is locked;
  17. Memory card requires formatting;
  18. Memory card cannot be read;
  19. Internal memory is full;
  20. Read only card, change to internal memory to capture;
  21. Camera Ready light glows steady red ;
  22. Error codes E7, E6, E5, E4, E3, E2;

Konica Minolta Camera Errors

  1. Card full;
  2. Memory full;
  3. Card locked;
  4. Lock;
  5. No image;
  6. File error;
  7. Memory error;
  8. Card error;
  9. Low light!;
  10. Hand shake icon;

Kyocera Camera Errors

  1. Memory card;
  2. Card Full;
  3. No card;
  4. Write protect;
  5. Card error or unsupported format;
  6. No image;

Leica Camera Errors

  1. A folder cannot be created;
  2. Built-in memory error format built-in memory?;
  3. Cannot be set on some/this pictures;
  4. Copy could not be completed;
  5. Memory card error format this card?;
  6. Memory card error please check the card;
  7. Memory card parameter error;
  8. Motion recording was cancelled due to the limitation of the writing speed of the card;
  9. No additional delete selections can be made;
  10. No additional selections can be made;
  11. No valid picture to play;
  12. Not enough memory on the card;
  13. Not enough space on built-in memory;
  14. Picture is displayed for 4:3/16:9 tv;
  15. Please check the printer;
  16. Please turn camera off and then on again;
  17. Printer busy;
  18. Read error please check the card;
  19. Some pictures cannot be copied;
  20. Some pictures cannot be deleted;
  21. System error;
  22. This memory card is locked;
  23. This memory card is protected;
  24. This picture is protected;
  25. This/some picture/s cannot be deleted;
  26. Write error please check the card;

Nikon Camera Errors

  1. Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture (largest f-number);
  2. Lens not attached;
  3. Attach a lens;
  4. Shutter release disabled. Recharge battery;
  5. This battery cannot be used Choose battery designated for use in this camera;
  6. Initialization error. Turn camera off and then on again;
  7. Battery level is low. Complete operation and turn camera off immediately;
  8. Clock not set;
  9. No SD card inserted;
  10. Memory card is locked. Slide lock to “write” position;
  11. This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged Insert another card;
  12. This card is not formatted. Format the card;
  13. Card is full;
  14. Subject is too bright;
  15. Subject is too dark;
  16. Flash is in TTL mode. Choose another setting or use a CPU lens;
  17. Unable to measure preset white balance. Please try again;
  18. Folder contains no images;
  19. File does not contain image data;
  20. Check printer;
  21. Error. Press shutter release button again;
  22. Initialization error. Contact Nikon-authorized service representative;

Olympus Camera Errors

  1. Card error;
  2. No card;
  3. Unformatted card;
  4. Card full;
  5. No camera head;
  6. No picture;
  7. Bad picture;
  8. Cannot open file;
  9. Camera damaged;
  10. Need a scale on;
  11. TIFF only;
  12. Save the picture;
  13. Resolution error;
  14. Set to 1x again;

Panasonic Camera Errors

  1. 18001000: PSD (X) error. Hall element (X axis) position detect error in OIS unit;
  2. 18002000: PSD (Y) error. Hall element (Y axis) position detect error in OIS unit;
  3. 18003000: GYRO (X) error. Gyro (IC7301: X axis) detect error on Main P.C.B.;
  4. 18004000: GYRO (Y) error. Gyro (IC7301: Y axis) detect error on Main P.C.B.;
  5. 18005000: MREF error (Reference voltage error);
  6. 18006000: Drive voltage (X) error;
  7. 18007000: Drive voltage (Y) error;
  8. 18000100: HP Low detect error (C.B. encoder (full retract) always Low detect);
  9. 18000200: HP High detect error (C.B. encoder (full retract) always High detect);
  10. 18000300: ENC1 detect error (C.B. motor encoder 1 detect error);
  11. 18000400: ENC2 detect error (C.B. motor encoder 2 detect error);
  12. 18000001: HP Low detect error (Focus encoder always Low detect error);
  13. 18000002: HP High detect error (Focus encoder always High detect error);
  14. 18000005: Focus lock error (Focus cannot be drive to a specified position);
  15. 18000006: Focus comparison signal (A aspect) is irregular;
  16. 18000007: Focus comparison signal (B aspect) is irregular;
  17. 18000008: Focus REF voltage is irregular;
  18. 10030000: Lens cap error;
  19. 18010000: Power ON time out error;
  20. 18020000: Power OFF time out error;
  21. 19002000: Yaw direction amplitude error (small);
  22. 19003000: Pitch direction amplitude error (small);
  23. 19004000: Yaw direction amplitude error (large);
  24. 19005000: Pitch direction amplitude error (large);
  25. 19006000: MREF error;
  26. 19007000: Time out error;
  27. 19008000: Yaw direction off set error;
  28. 19009000: Pitch direction off set error;
  29. 1900A000: Yaw direction gain error;
  30. 1900B000: Pitch direction gain error;
  31. 1900C000: Yaw direction position sensor error;
  32. 1900D000: Pitch direction position sensor error;
  33. 1900E000: OIS adj. other error;
  34. 28000000: Flash charging error.;
  35. 2B000001: EEPROM read error;
  36. 2B000002: EEPROM write error;
  37. 2C000001: SYSTEM IC initialize failure error;
  38. 30000001-30000007: CPU Errors;
  39. 31000001: Card logic error;
  40. 31000002: Card physical error;
  41. 31000004: Write error;
  42. 31000005: Format error;
  43. 38000001: Camera task finish process time out.;
  44. 38000002: Camera task invalid code error.;
  45. 38000100: File time out error in recording motion image;
  46. 38000200: File data send error in recording motion image;
  47. 38000300: Single or burst recording brake time out.;
  48. 3B000000: FLASHROM processing early period of camera during movement;
  49. 3C000000: Not complete zoom lens processing;
  50. 35000000: Dummy processing = Injustice command (0-7bit : command, 8-15bit : Status);
  51. 35010000: Though record preprocessing is necessary, it is not called;
  52. 35020000: Though record preprocessing is necessary, it is not completed;

Pentax Camera Errors

  1. Battery depleted;
  2. Memory card full;
  3. Memory card error;
  4. Card not formatted;
  5. Card locked;
  6. Compression error;
  7. No image/sound;
  8. Movie recording stopped;
  9. Deleting;
  10. Camera cannot play this image and sound;
  11. Image folder could not be created;
  12. Protected;
  13. Data being recorded;
  14. Data being processed;

Ricoh Camera Errors

  1. System error occurs;
  2. Unable to change memory;
  3. Insufficient memory;
  4. Change to card;
  5. Format required;
  6. Format internal memory;
  7. Card is unavailable;
  8. Format error;
  9. No file;
  10. Insufficient memory. Continue copy?;
  11. File number over. Cannot save.;
  12. Exceeded DPOF limit. Set up to 999.;
  13. Failed to create DPOF files;
  14. Failed to read DPOF files;

Samsung Camera Errors

  1. Card error;
  2. Memory card full;
  3. No image;
  4. Camera cannot display this image;
  5. No card in camera;
  6. Memory card error;
  7. Card not formatted;
  8. Card is locked;
  9. This image is protected;
  10. Cannot use this card;
  11. Battery depleted;
  12. Not enough battery remaining to clean sensor;
  13. Image folder could not be created;
  14. The image is not stored;
  15. Settings not stored;
  16. RAW images cannot be set;
  17. No image to be filtered;
  18. This image cannot be filtered;
  19. No DPOF files;
  20. Printer error;
  21. No paper in a printer;
  22. No ink in a printer;
  23. Paper stuck in a printer;
  24. Data error;

Sanyo Camera Errors

  1. Empty battery icon;
  2. Card Requires Formatting;
  3. Card is Full;
  4. Card is locked;
  5. Insufficient memory space to complete request;
  6. No image displays on the TV screen;
  7. Insufficient space on the card;

Sigma Camera Errors

  1. No CF memory card in camera;
  2. Incompatible file system. Format card.;
  3. CF memory card is full!;
  4. No images on CF memory card;
  5. Error writing to CF memory card!;
  6. An error has occurred!;
  7. CF memory card cover is open!;

Sony Camera Errors

  1. For use with compatible battery only;
  2. System error;
  3. Internal memory error;
  4. Reinsert the memory card Memory Stick;
  5. Memory card Memory Stick type error;
  6. Cannot access memory card Memory Stick;
  7. Access denied;
  8. Error formatting memory card Memory Stick;
  9. Error formatting internal memory;
  10. Memory card Memory Stick locked;
  11. No memory space on internal memory;
  12. No memory space on memory card Memory Stick;
  13. Read only memory;
  14. No images;
  15. Folder error;
  16. Cannot create more folders;
  17. File error;
  18. Read only folder;
  19. File protected;
  20. Image size over limit;
  21. Invalid operation;
  22. No red-eye detected;
  23. Vibration warning indicator;
  24. 1280×720 is not available;
  25. Zoom disabled;
  26. Maximum number of images already selected;
  27. Low battery power;
  28. Printer busy;
  29. Paper error;
  30. No paper;
  31. Ink error;
  32. Low ink;
  33. No ink;
  34. Printer error;
  35. Processing…;
  36. Error Playing Music;
  37. Error Formatting Music;
  38. Operation cannot be executed in unsupported files;

Toshiba Camera Errors

  1. Card error;
  2. Card full;
  3. Card protected;
  4. Card unformatted;
  5. DPOF error;
  6. Folder error;
  7. Full;
  8. Image protected;
  9. No card;
  10. No image;
  11. The date and time seting is not completed;
  12. Unsupported Image;
  13. Unsupported card;

GE (General Electric) Camera Errors

  1. Card Error;
  2. Card Full;
  3. Picture Error;
  4. No Picture;
  5. Lens Error;
  6. System Error;
  7. Write Protect;
  8. Out of the Range;
  9. Card is not formatted, format?;
  10. This image cannot be deleted;
  11. Warning!! Camera recording, please wait;
  12. Warning!! Battery exhausted;
  13. This file cannot be played back;
  14. No connection;
  15. Print error;
  16. Cannot print;
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