Nikon Camera Error: Check Printer

If the screen of your Nikon camera flashes an «Check Printer» message, use one of the suggested methods to tackle this problem. This manual will help you fix errors related to your camera’s lens, memory, and power supply or system failures.

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How To Fix The «Check Printer» Error

  1. Deleted pictures in a Nikon camera:
  2. Memory card error:
  3. Lens error:
  4. File damage or file error:
  5. Power error:
  6. Common or system error:

Deleted Pictures In a Nikon Camera

Use a Data Recovery Program

Incorrect use of a camera or a memory card or other unintended actions can make pictures in the memory card to become damaged or lost.

Recover lost or damaged files with the help of data recovery software. Scan your memory card with Hetman Partition Recovery and restore the files you have found (pictures or videos) in the form they appear in the preview window.

You can download the software for free to make sure that your files can be recovered. To find your way with the program read the manual.

Nikon: Recovering data after «Check Printer»

Memory Card Errors

If the «Check Printer» message is related to a memory card error in a Nikon camera, do the following:

Connect The Memory Card

In digital and reflex cameras, photo and video files are mostly saved to a memory card. If the memory card is not connected to the camera, it can show an error message.

Nikon «Check Printer»: 
Connect the memory card

In this case connect the memory card to the camera or, if it is already connected, make sure such connection is proper.

Disconnect And Reconnect The Memory Card Again

If a memory card error has occured, disconnect it from the camera. Before doing that, don’t forget to switch the camera off. After you have taken the memory card out of its slot, make sure its contacts are not damaged or dirty.

Nikon «Check Printer»: Disconnect and reconnect the memory card again

Insert the memory card into the proper slot of your camera again.

Unlock The Memory Card

Make sure the memory card is not locked. The memory card lock switch (for SD cards) should be in the unlocked (upper) position.

Nikon «Check Printer»: Unlock the memory card

Otherwise, if the memory card is unlocked and there is an error saying it is still locked, you’ll have to format the memory card.

Format The Memory Card

If disconnecting and reconnecting the memory card did not yield any result, format it. Before formatting the car, make sure all files from there are copied to another media, because formatting will delete all the files from your memory card.

If formatting cannot be performed, it means the memory card is out of order and it has to be replaced.

Take Pictures or Make Films In Lower Resolution

If while shooting a film your camera stops the process of recording/saving and flashes an error message, it may indicate insufficient read/write speed of the memory card. This speed can be low both because of the camera overheating and because of the speed restrictions set by the manufacturer.

In this case, we recommend reducing the resolution of the pictures you are taking or videos you are making.

Clean Or Replace The Memory Card

The camera can flash an error if its internal memory/memory card is full. In the camera’s menu, change the settings so that files are saved to the memory card instead of the camera’s internal memory. Transfer files from the memory card to the computer or clean it to continue your work.

Nikon «Check Printer»: Clean or replace the memory card

Try Testing The Memory Card With Another Device

If a memory card is not recognized by the camera, connect it to another camera or device to make sure it works properly with them.

Use a Memory Card Compatible With Your Camera

A camera can flash an error if an incompatible memory card is inserted. Replace such memory card with the one compatible with this camera according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Lens Error

If the «Check Printer» message is related to a lens error in a Nikon camera, do the following:

Disconnect And Reconnect The Lens Again

Disconnect the lens from the camera and make sure that its metal contacts are clean and intact as well as the lens contacts on the camera body.

Nikon «Check Printer»: Disconnect and reconnect the lens again

If reconnecting the lens and cleaning its contacts haven’t fixed the problem, the camera may need repairing.

Make Sure The Camera And The Lens Are Compatible With Each Other

A lens error may result from trying to connect a lens model which is incompatible with your camera. Make sure your camera model is compatible with the lense model according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Switch The Camera "Off" And Then Switch It "On" Again

A camera can show an error because of its lense jammed or blocked during the transportation. For some reason, the blocking may not be disabled.

If the camera reports a lense error, switch it off and then switch it on again.

Update The Camera’s Firmware

A camera’s lens error may occur because the device needs updating its firmware. Go to the camera manufacturer’s website to check for latest firmware and update it if a newer version is available.

File Damage Or File Error

If the «Check Printer» message is related to a file integrity error in a Nikon camera, do the following:

Copy Files To The Computer And Format The Memory Card

If the camera fails to read files, copy them to the computer and try opening them on the computer. Then format the memory card.

The pictures or videos may have been taken with another camera model and therefore cannot be read by your particular device.

Insert Another Memory Card Into Your Camera

If your camera reports a damaged file error, and formatting the memory card did not help, connect another memory card (which works properly) to your camera.

If the error does not appear again, then your memory card must have been damaged or broken. If the error occurs again and again, it indicates more serious problems, and you’d better go to a service center to fix them.

Try Taking A Picture Once More

If the camera cannot complete the process of saving or compressing a picture and flashes an error message, try taking a picture again. Picture file format may need to be changed, or there may be a processing function failure.

Unlock The File Which Is Marked “Read Only”

If you cannot delete a photo or video file with the help of your camera, it may be marked “read only.” Go to the file properties tab and uncheck the box “read only” using your computer or camera menu (if such function is provided by the manufacturer).

Nikon «Check Printer»: Unlock the file which is marked “Read only”

Power Error

If the «Check Printer» message is related to a power error in a Nikon camera, do the following:

Disconnect And Reconnect The Battery Again

If there is an error related to your camera’s power supply, disconnect and take out the battery (accumulator cell). Make sure the battery was connected to the camera properly. Make sure the battery model corresponds to the camera model. Make sure the battery contacts are not damaged or dirty. If all the previous actions yielded no result, you battery may be out of order.

Nikon «Check Printer»: Disconnect and reconnect the battery again

Charge The Battery

Some activities of the camera consume much power from the battery. For example, if you need to clean a digital camera sensor, the battery has to be fully charged. If the camera detects that the battery level is insuficient for a certain action, it will report a battery low error. In this case, you need to charge the battery.

Cool The Battery

If the camera’s battery is overheated, it may stop charging and indicate this problem by flashing the accumulator charge light. In this case, let the battery cool down to normal temperature and make sure its contacts are not dirty.

Common Or System Error

If the «Check Printer» message is related to a common system error in a Nikon camera, do the following:

Switch The Camera "Off" And Then Switch It "On" Again

If your camera reports a common or system error, switch it off and then switch it on again.

A camera may become overheated when used intensively. Wait for the device to cool down to normal temperature and then switch it on.

Reload The Camera

To reload the camera switch it off, take out the memory card and disconnect the battery. Wait 15 minutes and put the camera together in the reverse sequence. If the error is still there, your camera may need repairing.

Nikon «Check Printer»: Reload the camera

Charge Or Rreplace The Internal Power Supply

A common or system error may result from discharge of the camera’s internal battery (which also controls the camera’s time and date settings).

Nikon «Check Printer»: Charge or replace the internal power supply

In this case, you will have to replace or charge the internal power supply (depending on the format of such power supply).

Transfer Your Pictures To The Computer

If pictures in the memory card are taken with another camera, viewing them can produce errors. It happens because the camera cannot show such pictures in full size and only displays their icons.

Transfer your pictures to the computer to vie them in full size.

Connect The Camera’s Cable To a Computer Or a Printer

When transferring pictures from the camera to the computer or printing them from the camera you may encounter a connection error.

Make sure that the camera’s cable is connected properly to a computer or a printer. Check if the cable fits firmly into the connection socket. After that, switch the camera off and then switch it on again.

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Other Nikon Cameras Errors

  1. Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture (largest f-number);
  2. Lens not attached;
  3. Attach a lens;
  4. Shutter release disabled. Recharge battery;
  5. This battery cannot be used Choose battery designated for use in this camera;
  6. Initialization error. Turn camera off and then on again;
  7. Battery level is low. Complete operation and turn camera off immediately;
  8. Clock not set;
  9. No SD card inserted;
  10. Memory card is locked. Slide lock to "write" position;
  11. This memory card cannot be used. Card may be damaged Insert another card;
  12. This card is not formatted. Format the card;
  13. Card is full;
  14. Subject is too bright;
  15. Subject is too dark;
  16. Flash is in TTL mode. Choose another setting or use a CPU lens;
  17. Unable to measure preset white balance. Please try again;
  18. Folder contains no images;
  19. File does not contain image data;
  20. Check printer;
  21. Error. Press shutter release button again;
  22. Initialization error. Contact Nikon-authorized service representative;

List Of Nikon Cameras

The «Check Printer» error may occur in the following:

Photocameras Nikon 1 AW1, J1, J2, J3, J4, J5 Series

Photocameras Nikon 1 S1, S2, V1, V2, V3 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix 100, 300, 600, 700, 775, 800 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix 880, 885, 900, 900S, 950, 990, 995 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix 2000, 2100, 2200, 2500, 3100, 3200, 3500, 3700 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix 4100, 4200, 4300, 4500, 4600, 4800 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix 5000, 5200, 5400, 5600, 5700, 5900 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix 7600, 7900, 8400, 8700, 8800 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix A, A10, A100, A900, AW100, AW110, AW120, AW130 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix B500, B700 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix L10, L11, L12, L14, L15, L16 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix L18, L19, L20, L21, L22 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix L24, L26, L28, L31, L32 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix L100, L110, L120, L320, L610 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix L810, L820, L830, L840 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix P1, P2, P3, P4, P50, P60, P80, P90 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix P100, P300, P310, P330, P340, P500 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix P510, P520, P530, P600, P610, P900 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix P5000, P5100, P6000, P7000, P7100, P7700, P7800 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S1, S01, S2, S02, S3, S4, S5, S6 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S7c, S9, S10, S30, S31, S32, S33 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S50, S50c, S51, S51c, S52, S52c, S60, S70, S80 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S100, S200, S210, S220, S230 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S500, S510, S520, S550, S560, S570 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S600, S610, S610c, S620, S630, S640 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S700, S710, S800c, S810c, S1000pj, S1100pj, S1200pj Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S2900, S3000, S3100, S3300, S3500, S3600, S3700 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S4000, S4100, S4300, S5100, S5200, S5300 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S6000, S6100, S6200, S6300, S6400, S6500, S6800, S6900 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix S7000, S8000, S8100, S8200, S9100, S9300, S9500, S9700, S9900 Series

Photocameras Nikon Coolpix SQ, W100 Series

Photocameras Nikon D1, D1H, D1X Series

Photocameras Nikon D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs Series

Photocameras Nikon D3, D3S, D3X Series

Photocameras Nikon D4, D4S, D5, D40, D40X Series

Photocameras Nikon D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90 Series

Photocameras Nikon D100, D200, D300, D300S, D500, D600 Series

Photocameras Nikon D610, D700, D750, D800, D800E, D810, D810A Series

Photocameras Nikon D3000, D3100, D3200, D3300, D5000, D5100 Series

Photocameras Nikon D5200, D5300, D5500, D7000, D7100, D7200 Series

Photocameras Nikon DL18-50, DL24-85, DL24-500, Df Series


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