Recovering Tablet Data in Los Angeles

Loss of data on Android and Windows tablets and recovery of memory cards from these devices using Hetman Software products in Los Angeles.

What Memory Card to Choose: a Review of SD Card Formats and Classes

Read about important memory card specifications you should look for when choosing or buying one. Almost any modern gadget (a phone, camera, tablet etc) a memory card to operate correctly. The market offers dozens of versions of memory cards, and they are different not only in the price and capacity. If you buy a wrong SD card, your device will work worse than expected (for example, you won’t be able to record HD video with your camera.


Remote Data Wipe: What’s In It?

Read about methods of remote data wiping: standard functions of operating systems (Android, Windows) and third-party apps.

The ability to remotely wipe information stored on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet becomes increasingly important the more personal information is stored on the device. Since the early days of high-tech, city legends had it that hackers could penetrate a computer and mess up (or destroy) information.


Android and Windows Phone: Data Loss and Recovery Issues

Read this article to know why data can be lost from mobile devices and how it can be recovered. A guide on data recovery from a memory card. Android tablets and smartphones seem to dominate the mobile market, or at least its price-conscious side. Windows Phone and Windows RT devices occupy a small niche in the market, but have a great potential. One thing in common between Android and Windows based devices (but not Apple iPhone/iPad series) is their ability to extend their available memory with the use of an external memory card.


Top Ways to Lose Your Data: Human Factor

In this article, we’ll focus on the most widespread causes of losing data due to lack of user’s attention or knowledge. This article continues the list of the most common data storage mistakes made by our customers. We keep receiving queries from our clients that describe these very situations, so we were able to assemble a pretty comprehensive statistics about major causes of data loss.

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