Recovering Tablet Data in Los Angeles

Loss of data on Android and Windows tablets and recovery of memory cards from these devices using Hetman Software products in Los Angeles.

How to Get Someone Else’s Login and Password to Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte or Twitter

Read about the information you can extract from another user’s account in social networks or search engines, and how to do it. Learn how to use special software to get more information about a user from their browser. Are you looking for a way to get someone else’s login and password to VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Would you like to be able to read someone else’s correspondence? Do you want to hack someone’s account? Hetman Internet Spy will give you this opportunity if the password was saved in the browser after logging in to a website.


How to View and Clear Browsing History in Google Chrome, FireFox and Opera on an Android

Read about where and how to view browsing history on Android and how to delete it.

For most modern browsers, there are versions for mobile devices. In terms of functionality, there is little or no difference. As well as their desktop versions, mobile browsers by default save the user’s browsing history and information on all tabs that were opened and then closed. When using the synchronization feature to keep the mobile and desktop browsers in line with each other, such information is available in both browser versions at the same time.


How to Recover Message History, Contacts and Viber Files on Android or Windows

The article presents methods for recovering chat history, messages, videos or photos sent with Viber on Windows or Android. Our article will be useful for Viber users, who ever needed to restore their message or chat history, videos or photos that were send via this messenger, or to restore their chat history after reinstallation of the operating system, or when they begin using this application from another computer. This article will be interesting for those who use Viber on Android and Windows, because we will describe both versions of the popular messenger.

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