How to Get Someone Else’s Login and Password to Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte or Twitter

Are you looking for a way to get someone else’s login and password to VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Would you like to be able to read someone else’s correspondence? Do you want to hack someone’s account? Hetman Internet Spy will give you this opportunity if the password was saved in the browser after logging in to a website.

How to Get Someone Else’s Login and Password to VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

What Information Can You Get from Someone Else’s Account?

Social media, operating systems, and other large corporations collect and keep lots of various data: website visit and search history, contacts, correspondence, personal and banking data of their users, geodata on user location as well as personal photographs of the users. Read our articles to know everything about extracting the following data:

How to get Access to Passwords Saved in Browsers

If you have access to the user’s account, you can view all the passwords right in the browser. Watch this video to see how:

Yet if the saved passwords or the user account were deleted, or the browser was uninstalled, you can still use Hetman Internet Spy. This software will give you access to user passwords if you don’t have the password to a certain Windows account or someone’s browser account.

What Can You do if You Haven’t Found the Password?

  • The user you are so interested in might have saved the password on their smartphone instead of the computer. Yandex, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Opera synchronize data between all of the user’s devices, so it is another way of getting the password into your hands.
  • If you can’t find the password you are interested in, think about passwords to email services. You will be able to change the password to any account and set your own password if you have access to the email account which was used during the registration.
  • Popular online password managers deserve special attention: Dashlane, Splikity, LastPass, Onesafe, 1Password etc. If you get access to such an account, you will be in control of all the user’s passwords.
  • Take a look at the user’s passwords which you already know. Often people use one or several well-known passwords with many services online. Try using the logins and passwords you already know to see if they can unlock other accounts.
  • Statistics data says that standard passwords are used in over 15% of the cases. Here are some of the most popular combinations: 123456, password, qwerty and so on. Read the full list, and one of them could be the one you need.
  • You can install some spyware to monitor every keystroke: SC-KeyLog, Actual Spy. With their flexible settings, you will quickly get the password you are looking for.
  • Create a webpage very similar in appearance to the account you want to get the password to, and place it in the Internet. Then send to the user’s account a request for logging into the account to confirm a change in security settings, with a link to your webpage. The login and password the user enters will give you access to their account.
Author: Maxim Cherniga

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