Restoring visited sites history from Microsoft Edge in Los Angeles

Browse the internet user surfing history and passwords from Microsoft Edge using Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles. Free Trial of Hetman Internet Spy!

What Data is Stored in Microsoft Windows, Edge, OneDrive or Outlook Accounts

Read about the user data collected by Windows and what exactly is stored in your Microsoft account. In Windows 8 and 10, you have to create a user account when installing the operating system. You can create an offline account or connect a Microsoft account. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. Much depends on your needs when it comes to functions of the operating system and the devices you would like to use.


How to View Saved Passwords in Yandex, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Opera and Microsoft Edge

Read about viewing user account passwords in their browser on a PC or mobile gadget, with particular guides for every of the top 5 browsers. Any modern browser has a function to save passwords. It saves you the trouble of having to enter your registration data every time - few people can remember hundreds of logins and passwords to their favorite websites and online services.


How to Save and Recover Bookmarks in Opera?

Read about backing up or recovering Opera bookmarks after deleting or reinstalling the browser or the entire operating system. “Today, a computer without the Internet is not a computer.” This phrase may sound funny but it is true. When you sit at the computer which has no Internet connection you don’t know what to do there, and I think you understand what I mean. All this is here to say that we use a browser to surf the Internet. Today we will be talking about Opera.

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