Recovering RAW Photos in Los Angeles

Software-based recovery of RAW images taken with professional DSLR cameras using Hetman Software tools in Los Angeles.

Disadvantages of RAW Shooting, RAW & JPEG File Formats

Read about pros and cons of RAW images, and what utilities are the best to recover deleted RAW files. There are of course some clear disadvantages of shooting RAW. RAW files cannot be printed or viewed as easily as JPEG’s. They must be processed with proper software for best results. Naturally, their main disadvantage is the time required to process RAW images.


Shooting RAW (digital negatives): Better Image Quality

In this article we’ll talk about advantages and disadvantages of RAW image formats when compared to JPEG. In film era, there were slides and prints. In today’s digital world, there are RAW’s (digital negatives) and JPEGs (digital pictures). Photographers have polarized opinions on shooting one format or another. Digital SLR and mirrorless cameras have been offering the ability to shoot RAW for a long while. Many photographers are switching from shooting JPEG to capturing images in RAW format for some obvious and some less obvious reasons.


Repairing Files: RAW Format Support

Read about fixing errors with damaged files that won‘t open after a virus attack, a disk failure or an attempt to recover deleted data. Although hardware manufacturers report of doubling the size of hard drives and memory cards with amazing regularity, the reliability of these media remains almost the same it has always been. Which means that chances are high that data may be lost due to hardware failures, power interrupts or jumps and errors in the file system. When accidents happen and valuable information is lost, an efficient data recovery tool is what every user needs.


Organizing and Displaying Your Photo Albums

Read this article to know how to store photo archives properly: pros and cons of social media, online albums and image hosting services.

You’ve shot hundreds or thousands of pictures. Now what? You’ll probably want to get them organized, and will most probably want to share some of them with others. Depending on your goals, you may want to look for the right solution among the two big categories.

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