Software Selection

Answer the simple questions of the wizard to get a recommendation. The site will automatically select and suggest programs that best meet your data recovery needs in this particular case.

You can pick a program on your own by comparing features in the table. All Hetman Software products can be downloaded and tried for free. The demo versions of the programs show a list of recoverable files, but do not save them.

Cause of Data Loss

What caused the loss of files?
Inadvertent Deletion:
  • Purging of the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Deletion with the Shift + Delete combination.
  • A virus that “blocked” or deleted the files.
  • The program deleted the files bypassing the Recycle Bin.
  • Deletion of a file from a camera, phone, etc.
  • A crash during file copying or editing.
File Table Corruption:
  • Formatting, deletion or recreation of logical volumes.
  • Formatting or wiping of a memory card of any device.
  • A file system error or an OS crash.
  • A drive became inaccessible for the system.
  • The operating system suggests formatting the drive.
  • Physical drive damage or wear.
The Reason is Unknown or Not Specified:
  • Specify this option if you are unsure of the cause.

File System

What file system is used on the drive?
FAT (File Allocation Table). Used on:
  • Digital camera or smartphone memory cards.
  • The internal memory of digital cameras and other devices.
  • USB-flash drives up to 4 GB.
  • Network NAS devices.
  • Built-in and external hard drives.
NTFS (New Technology File System). Used on:
  • System partitions (since Windows XP).
  • Any media devices with a large amount of internal memory.
I Don’t Know:
  • Specify this option if you do not know the answer.

File Types

What file types would you like to recover?
Digital Images:
  • Digital photos in JPEG, PNG or any RAW file formats.
  • Raster file formats: PSD, TIFF, BMP, etc.
  • Vector file formats: CDR, EPS, AI, etc.
Office Documents:
  • Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets.
  • OpenOffice or StarOffice documents and spreadsheets.
  • Adobe PDF documents.
Different File Types:
  • Specify this option if you want to recover different file types.

Recommended tools

We recommend trying the following programs.

Partition Recovery™ 2.8

A universal solution for file recovery after any types of data corruption incidents. The program will reliably protect your data.

Price: 97.95 USD (Tax Included)

NTFS Recovery™ 2.8

The program is limited to recovering data from NTFS partitions only. An optimal solution for recovering files from system discs.

Price: 67.95 USD (Tax Included)

FAT Recovery™ 2.8

The program supports FAT only and is an optimal solutions for recovering data from memory cards, flash drives and hard drives.

Price: 67.95 USD (Tax Included)

Photo Recovery™ 4.7

The program supports any types of media with FAT and NTFS file systems, but recovers files of digital images only.

Price: 47.95 USD (Tax Included)

Office Recovery™ 2.6

A tool for safe recovery of deleted office documents, spreadsheets and text files in the step-by-step mode.

Price: 57.95 USD (Tax Included)

Uneraser™ 4.1

The program supports FAT and NTFS, but we recommend using Hetman Partition Recovery after partition formatting or deletion.

Price: 37.95 USD (Tax Included)