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Recover data from Ext4, Ext3 partitions

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Recover data from pen drives, memory cards, HDDs and SSDs in Linux

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Recover data removed from memory cards, pen drives, external and internal hard disks formatted for Linux. The program recovers data after formatting, accidental removing, storage device issues, file system or operating system failures.

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Hetman Linux Recovery restores data not only from memory cards, pen drives, external and internal HDDs and SSDs, but also supports work with network storage systems like DAS, NAS, SAN, RAID arrays, virtual machine disks and internal storage. It will analyze any devices with Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, XFS, ReiserFS file systems which are used with various Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or Fedora distributives.

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Are you looking for a data recovery tool for Linux? Have you accidentally removed files, formatted an external hard disk, a memory card or a USB pen drive? Have your files been removed from a network storage device or a RAID system? The versatile solution to protect your data against possible loss is here: Hetman Linux Recovery.

This program analyzes all contents of a storage device and finds the elements that make up a file system, as well as the signatures that signal the beginning and the end of most files. By combining the discovered information, Hetman Linux Recovery restores the structure of folders and files removed from the disk.

The program’s interface is similar to Windows Explorer or conventional file manager in Linux. It displays deleted files in the folders from which they were removed. Removed or formatted partitions are displayed with all the files and folders they used to contain. The step-by-step wizard lets you scan the disk quickly and select the files that need to be restored. The preview feature lets you see the contents of the removed files. We guarantee that the files will be recovered in the way they are displayed within the program.

Hetman Linux Recovery allows to view the file contents in the integrated HEX editor. Also, this editor lets you examine the file system structures. The multilingual interface and help file will assist you in recovering the files as quickly as possible. Remember to save them to a different disk. Recovered files can be saved to any storage device connected to your computer, or even be uploaded by FTP.

This utility is developed for Windows, so you need to connect a storage device to a Windows computer, or use a virtual machine to run the utility on Linux. You can learn more about data recovery strategies by reading the manual on the official website.


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