How to Lose Digital Photos Fast

In this article, we’ll analyze the most widespread causes of losing photos from cameras, memory cards and smartphones, and find out how to prevent this misfortune. Offering a popular tool for recovering lost and deleted pictures, we have dozens of customers sharing their stories of lost images every month. With the help of our clients, our customer support team was able to compile the list of situations happening nearly every day. Some of them are hardware related, but most are merely user error or negligence.

Digital Photo
  1. Memory card failures.
  2. Physical damage.
  3. Collateral damage.
  4. Deleting a file.
  5. Reformatting.

Memory card failures

Today’s memory cards are durable, but who said everyone’s using the latest technology? Old memory cards, as well as storage media made by unknown enterprises, are much more likely to fail on their own than a brand new Sandisk Extreme. If you don’t want to lose your images, throw away that 256 MB piece of plastic and spend a fiver on a brand new, brand name memory card (AData, Kingmax, Kingston, PQI, Samsung, Silicon Power, Sony, Sandisk).

Physical damage

Stepping on a memory card can make it crack. Dropping it into a pond will soak it, probably (but not necessarily) rendering it unusable. Leaving it in a trunk during a hot summer day can cause heat damage, deforming the case and making the card unreadable (although the chip itself may still contain your images). Avoid these extremes, and your memory cards will give you many years of service.

Collateral damage

Taking your camera to a swim in a pool or to lay on a sandy beach? Those are excellent picture taking opportunities for making great family shots, but they also present a danger for your digital camera and memory card. Leave a camera on a beach for more than a few minutes, and it’ll be hot as ashes. Leave it too close to a swimming pool, and somebody’s kids will sure knock it to water. If your camera is not one of those weather-protected and water-resistant designs, it’s better to maintain control of your property at all times to avoid losing everything you shot on that beach. And if you still want to store your camera next to water, buy a watertight container rated for digital equipment and store your camera in it when not in use.

Deleting a file

This reason is borderline between user error and negligence. Deleting a good picture by accident happens to all of us. On the other hand, a photo that’s been deleted suddenly starts looking much better in the mind of a photographer than it did just a moment ago. Fortunately, deleted pictures are easy to recover. Just use a good data recovery tool such as Hetman Partition Recovery, and you’ll be protected against this kind of a situation.


Yes, formatting a memory card is the number one cause of all situations leading to loss of digital pictures. Some digital cameras will prompt to format a newly inserted memory card, while sometimes a photographer (or his kids) will quickly erase the card to make space for some new shots. Fortunately, this is the easiest to deal with. Just launch a photo recovery tool such as Hetman Partition Recovery, and you’re good to go!

Author: Michael Miroshnichenko

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