How to recover data from WickedHD dashcam

Are you looking for a way to recover data from WickedHD dashcam? Have you lost data because your WickedHD dashcam does not work properly or because of hard disk errors? Is the data lost forever, or is there some way to recover it? Repair your media, fix errors that cause failures and restore the lost data on your own.

WickedHD Dashcam Data Recovery

  1. The program for recovering WickedHD dashcam data;
  2. Recover data from WickedHD dashcam after formatting or deleting partition;
  3. SMART parameters of WickedHD dashcam;
  4. Restore file system on WickedHD dashcam;
  5. Restore partitions on WickedHD dashcam with “diskpart” command;
  6. Find bad sectors and errors, run the defragmentation;
  7. Repairing WickedHD dashcam;
  8. Creating backup copy of WickedHD dashcam.

WickedHD dashcam models:

The Program For Recovering WickedHD Dashcam Data

If files have been deleted from a WickedHD dashcam, and it is impossible to recover them by using standard tools of your operating system, the most effective way will be to use Hetman Partition Recovery.

The Program For Recovering WickedHD Dashcam Data

For this purpose, do the following:

Recover Data From WickedHD Dashcam After Formatting or Deleting Partition

Recover Files After Formatting

Are you looking for a way to recover files from a WickedHD dashcam after formatting? Follow this guide:

Recover Data From WickedHD Dashcam After Formatting or Deleting Partition

Recover Data From Deleted Partition

Are you looking for a way to recover files from a deleted partition in a WickedHD dashcam? Follow this guide:

Recover Data From Partition Deleted From WickedHD Dashcam

Recover System Partition Data on Another Computer

If the system partition is lost, a computer will not boot. That is why:

Recover System Partition With LiveCD

If there is no possibility to connect a hard disk with a lost or damaged system partition to another computer, you can recover such partition by starting your computer with LiveCD, an alternative portable version of an operating system. For this purpose, do the following:

SMART Parameters Of WickedHD Dashcam

Large hard disk manufacturers include S.M.A.R.T. technology into their products. S.M.A.R.T. analyzes a great number of mechanical attributes. This analysis allows detecting hard disk errors before it breaks down completely, and it can also help to find out why it happened.

In spite of S.M.A.R.T. ability to predict future problems, most of them cannot be prevented. Therefore, S.M.A.R.T. is a technology which often warns users of the hard disk nearing its end. S.M.A.R.T. values cannot be corrected and there is no need to waste time on that.

Every hard disk manufacturer sets a threshold value for every operation. Under normal circumstances, threshold values are never exceeded. Otherwise, we encounter errors.

There are 256 values, each having its own ID. Some errors and extreme values are critical. There is no solution for such errors. The only way out for them is to replace the hard disk as soon as such error is detected.

There are no methods to correct critical SMART errors. If the hard disk is not replaced, the error will be displayed again and again. The only justified reason for still keeping the disk will be the need to save data from the sectors which are still available. If the error warning comes true, the disk will become unavailable for any program known. That is why there are steps to be taken to save your data.

Restore File System On WickedHD Dashcam

Format The Media

If it is impossible to recognize the file system on WickedHD dashcam ) hard disk, format the device.

Format The WickedHD Dashcam

File System In WickedHD Dashcam Is Recognized as RAW

Sometimes the operating system cannot recognize the file system structure (for example, FAT or NTFS). If you check properties of such device, its file system will be identified as RAW. In this case, Windows suggests formatting the disk.

WickedHD Dashcam Properties

There are utilities specialized in restoring RAW disks, but we recommend using a versatile solution, Hetman Partition Recovery. This function is an additional component, so you only have to launch the program and analyze such disk.

Run CHKDSK Command

In some cases, the file system on a WickedHD dashcam can be repaired with the command CHKDSK.

  1. Launch the Command prompt as Administrator.
  2. Type in the command “chkdsk D: /f” (instead of D: type in the letter of the corresponding disk) and press ENTER.
  3. As you launch the command, the process of error checking and correcting will start; it can help to restore your file system back to normal.

Run CHKDSK Command for WickedHD dashcam

Restore Partitions On WickedHD Dashcam With “Diskpart” Command

If a USB drive, a memory card or another media work incorrectly, cleaning the disk and its partitions with the command “Clean” and Diskpart tool can become one of the ways to solve the problem. This tool can correct errors if the device cannot be formatted or when its size is identified incorrectly.

Restore Partitions On WickedHD Dashcam With “Diskpart” Command
  1. Launch the Command prompt as Administrator.
  2. Run the command DISKPART.
  3. Show the list of disks with the command LIST DISK and find the number of the disk which you need to recover.
  4. Select the disk you need: SELECT DISK # (instead of # enter the disk number).
  5. Run the command CLEAN.
  6. Create a partition in the cleaned disk and format it into the file system you like.
Windows disk manager: WickedHD Dashcam

Find Bad Sectors And Errors, Run The Defragmentation

Scan The Disk For Errors And Bad Sectors Snd Correct Them

Check all partitions of the hard disk and try to correct the mistakes which have been found. For this purpose, do the following:

Find bad sectors and errors, run the defragmentation on WickedHD Dashcam

As a result of scanning, the errors found on the disk can be corrected.

Run Disk Defragmentation

Run disk defragmentation on WickedHD Dashcam

Note. In Windows 10 defragmentation/optimization can be scheduled so that it is performed automatically.

Repairing WickedHD Dashcam

It is important to understand that any of the ways to eliminate errors in a WickedHD dashcam) hard disk is only a virtual solution to the problem. Often it is impossible to remove the cause of the error completely, because the device needs repairing.

You can go to a service center to fix the breakage or replace parts/microchips of a WickedHD dashcam. Yet in this case the cost of works will be several times as expensive as buying a disk or memory card. So this step is only worth taking if you need to recover very important data.

Creating Backup Copy Of WickedHD Dashcam

There are several solutions to create data backup copies:

  1. Applications built into the operating system. Microsoft Windows offers methods of data backup that suggest saving files and data to external or intrernal (built-in) media storages. All modern versions of Windows are already equipped the fuction of creating a backup copy of certain files or the entire hard disk if necessary. The functions offered by Windows are comprehensive and self-sufficient, and they are meant to be convenient enough so that you do not go looking for third-party services or software.
  2. Manual backup. You can always use the good old method of creating a backup copy by manually copying the data to an external medium. it is a long process but if you work with small amounts of data, such solution can be acceptable for you.
  3. Online services. Recently the most up-to-date way of data backup is becoming popular, represented by numerous online services. These are companies that provide backup for your files right on the Internet. A small background application installed on your computer creates copies of thnecessary data and saves them to a remote server. However, the space allowed for storing files in a free version is too small to use this method as a complex solution. Often this space is under 10 Gb so there is no way to create a backup copy of the entire hard disk. Such services are more practical when things come to backing up a series of files.
  4. Creating a disk image. This is the most comprehensive solution to create a backup copy which is preferred by advanced users. This method suggests using a third-party program to create a backup copy of the entire disk which can be used on another information-carrying medium if necessary. With this solution, you can get access to all data which was there on the disk at the time of copying - documents, software and media files - within a short period of time.

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