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Data Recovery Software

Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

Hetman Partition Recovery

Accidentally formatted a disk full of important information? Repartitioned a hard drive? Can’t access a disk with an error message and a format prompt, or simply deleted a bunch of files from a healthy drive? Don’t worry – Hetman Partition Recovery will recover missing files and folders, unformat the disk and repair corrupted hard drives in no time.


Hetman Partition Recovery is designed to reliably recover information and fix all types of issues with healthy, damaged, corrupted, formatted and inaccessible hard drives. This hard drive data recovery software offers a complete, all-in-one solution to take care of typical problems you’re your computer’s storage. This hard drive data recovery software will help you recover lost and deleted files, recover missing documents, photos, audio and video files.

In addition, Hetman Partition Recovery comes with a comprehensive set of tools to fix corrupted volumes, recover deleted partitions, unformat formatted disks, and repair all types of damage to your disk system structures.

Hetman Partition Recovery can recover partition tables and MBR records, FAT and NTFS file systems complete with alternative data streams, recovering the entire hard drive complete with all volumes, files and original folder structure. All 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported including the latest Windows 7.

  • Key features
  • Recover all types of deleted files including documents, compressed archives, photos, music and videos;
  • Recover files and folders from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible disks;
  • Unformat formatted partitions and restore original volumes from repartitioned hard drives;
  • Fix corrupted file systems, partition tables, master boot records (MBR) and other system information;
  • Recover files and folders from built-in and external hard disks, USB flash drives, and all types of memory cards.

NTFS Data Recovery Tool

Hetman NTFS Recovery

Have an unreadable, corrupted or inaccessible system disk? Deleted an important document from an NTFS disk? Formatted a system drive by accident? Don’t worry – Hetman NTFS Recovery is designed to recover files and folders from all types of storage media – as long as they bear the NTFS file system.


Hetman NTFS Recovery recovers files and folders from all types of hard drives formatted with NTFS, including SSD drives and external storage. The NTFS file recovery tool can perform a simple undelete operation to recover deleted files or perform a comprehensive data recovery procedure, extracting all files and folders from the damaged NTFS volume complete with the original folder structure.

By omitting support for the legacy FAT file system, Hetman Software can now offer this new product at a 40% discount compared to Hetman Partition Recovery. Hetman NTFS Recovery can reliably recover information from healthy, damaged, formatted, corrupted and inaccessible hard disks and solid-state media, restoring the original file and folder structure from disks with missing or damaged partition tables and MBR records.

Hetman NTFS Recovery recognizes and recovers NTFS alternate data streams, and supports the recovery of compressed and encrypted files. The NTFS recovery tool works in all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows including those that do not natively support the NTFS file system.

  • Key features
  • Offers the best value to users of modern versions of Windows (Windows XP and up) thanks to exclusive support for the FAT file system;
  • Unformat formatted partitions and restore original volumes from repartitioned hard drives;
  • Undeletes all types of files including pictures, music, videos, documents etc.;
  • Recovers data from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible NTFS disks and SSD drives;
  • Restores files from formatted NTFS volumes and repartitioned disks;
  • Extracts information from volumes with broken file systems, damaged partition tables and master boot records (MBR).

Memory Card and USB Drive Data Recovery

Hetman FAT Recovery

Shot a long photo session only to discover an empty memory card? Formatted a flash drive by accident? Deleted files from a FAT or FAT32 formatted disk? Don’t worry – Hetman FAT Recovery is designed to recover the missing data from all kinds of storage media formatted with FAT or FAT32 file systems.


The FAT data recovery tool is made to reliably recover information from all kinds of storage media formatted with the FAT, FAT16 or FAT32 file system. USB flash drives, all types of memory cards as well as hard disks used in NAS devices and streaming video players are commonly bearing one revision or another of the FAT system, and they can be recovered with Hetman FAT Recovery.

Healthy, damaged, corrupted, formatted and inaccessible hard drives are not a problem! Hetman FAT Recovery can perform a comprehensive scan of the entire storage area, recovering lost and deleted files, restoring missing photos, music and videos and extracting information from damaged volumes.

Hetman FAT Recovery can recover data from corrupted and formatted disks and solid-state media, restore files and folders from disks with missing or damaged partition tables and MBR records – as long as the drive is formatted with FAT, FAT16 or FAT 32. The recovery is complete with long file names, recovering the entire content of the USB flash, memory card or hard drive complete with all folders and files.

  • Key features
  • Get the best value! Save money compared to other tools thanks to exclusive support for the FAT file system;
  • Undelete pictures, music, videos, documents and all other types of files from all kinds of media – as long as it bears the FAT file system;
  • Recover data from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible disks and memory cards;
  • Restore files from formatted volumes and repartitioned disks;
  • Extract information from volumes with broken file systems, damaged partition tables and master boot records (MBR).
  • All versions of the FAT file system and all 32-bit and 64-bit builds of Windows are supported including the latest Windows 7.

Recover Office Documents that Go Missing

Hetman Office Recovery

Lost one or more office documents after an accident? Formatted or repartitioned the disk containing important files? Hetman Office Recovery will help you get your documents back! Don’t know how to recover the documents? A step by step wizard will guide you through the entire recovery process!


Hetman Office Recovery is a fully featured heavy-duty document recovery suite enabling surefooted recovery from corrupted, inaccessible, formatted and inaccessible storage devices. From simple undelete to comprehensive all-disk recovery, Hetman Office Recovery is truly indispensable when you need to recover multiple documents as soon as possible.

The built-in pre-recovery document check guarantees successful recovery for all documents listed during the last step of the recovery wizard. The built-in integrity check ensures that only 100% valid, complete and non-corrupted documents ever appear on the list, relieving you from going through endless corrupted entries in order to find a single perfect document.

Compatible with Microsoft Office, Open Office and Adobe PDF formats, Hetman Office Recovery can recover DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, ODS/ODT as well as PDF documents even if no file system is available on the disk.

  • Key features
  • Recovers documents from formatted and repartitioned devices;
  • Recovers documents from corrupted partitions;
  • Recovers documents from memory cards and USB drives;
  • Recovers documents from faulty storage devices;
  • Extra-safe recovery mode for damaged storage devices;
  • All versions of the FAT and NTFS file systems and all 32-bit and 64-bit builds of Windows are supported including the latest Windows 8.

Recover Lost and Deleted Excel Spreadsheets

Hetman Excel Recovery

Deleted a bunch of Excel spreadsheets? Require a tool to recover spreadsheets from formatted, repartitioned or inaccessible hard drive? Look no further! Hetman Excel Recovery will help you get your Excel files back in no time!


The tool is designed for heavy duty, helping ordinary computer users to successfully restore spreadsheets from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible storage devices. Its low-level data recovery algorithms are the same as used in the company’s flagship tool, enabling surefooted recovery in cases that seem nearly hopeless. A special safety mode is available to handle unreliable and physically unstable hard drives.

Hetman Excel Recovery offers a 100% success guarantee, delivering guaranteed recovery for spreadsheets appearing in the list of recoverable files. The tool performs a preliminary integrity check on all documents discovered on the disk before adding them to the list. This removes visual clutter and ensures that every file listed is actually 100% recoverable.

Equipped with a highly sophisticated data recovery engine, program can still be used by ordinary mortals. The tool is controlled via a fully guided, step by step wizard. The wizard splits the recovery process into few easy steps, allowing every computer user to achieve the same high-quality results as a professional data recovery lab.

  • Key features
  • Recovers Excel files from flash-based and solid-state media;
  • Recovers spreadsheets from corrupted disks and pen drives;
  • Recovers unsaved spreadsheets;
  • High-end data recovery engine;
  • Special recovery mode for broken hard drives;
  • The tool supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows starting with Windows XP and up to the latest Windows 8.

Guaranteed Recovery of Word Documents

Hetman Word Recovery

Looking for a tool to recover Microsoft Word files? Deleted important documents or removed Word files from the Recycle Bin? Documents blocked by a virus or deleted by an anti-virus tool? Disk cleanup caused severe data loss? Hetman Word Recovery will help you get your documents back!


Hetman Word Recovery is a heavy-duty tool to recover Microsoft Word and OpenOffice documents from formatted, repartitioned, corrupted and inaccessible devices. Implementing a number of safety features and a special Safe Recovery mode, Hetman Word Recovery is ideal when you need to recover documents from a badly damaged, worn out or physically unstable hard drive.

Compatible with all common Microsoft Word and Open Office document formats, Hetman Word Recovery can recover DOC, DOCX and ODT files. In addition, the tool can recover files in Adobe PDF format.

Unlike competing data recovery tools, Hetman Word Recovery offers a 100% success guarantee. Every document you see in the list of recoverable files is guaranteed to result in a successful recovery or a healthy, usable document. This unprecedented success rate is achieved by performing a pre-recovery integrity check on every document discovered during the disk scan. Hetman Word Recovery only allows 100% perfect, complete and healthy document to make it into the recovery list. As a result, you won’t see thousands of junk entries making the list crowded and difficult to navigate.

  • Key features
  • Hetman Word Recovery lists recoverable documents in a clickable gallery, displaying thumbnail previews of each document;
  • Hetman Word Recovery employs a range of highly sophisticated algorithms to locate deleted files;
  • Hetman Word Recovery supports all storage devices formatted with FAT (VFAT / FAT16 / FAT32 / exFAT) and NTFS;
  • Hetman Word Recovery strictly enforces the read-only access mode to ensure that no data is altered on the disk during the scan;
  • Hetman Word Recovery has minimal system requirements, and can be used even on legacy systems.

Deleted File Recovery Software

Hetman Data Recovery Pack

Are you looking for a way to recover a hard disk or external drive following formatting? Have you accidentally formatted a USB memory stick or memory card? Has your data been lost or damaged as a result of a virus attack or power failure? Windows files retrieval tools is the complete solution for your data recovery file restore and disk uneraser needs.


The data recovery pack is made up of two programs: Hetman Photo Recovery, Hetman Uneraser. You save up to 20% on the order price by buying the programs in a single package. The package allows you to restore important office documents, digital photos, archives, video and audio files, which have been lost by accidental deletion from your drive.

Hetman Data Recovery Pack restores data from internal and external hard drives, camera and mobile phone memory cards, and USB memory sticks. Instant data recovery software recover all your deleted or logically damaged data from FAT and NTFS volumes.

You can download the data recovery pack to assess its ability to restore your required data. Data from recovered files found following a hard disk scan is guaranteed to be restored, once you purchase the program.

  • Key features:
  • Restoration of information from internal hard disks and external IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI disks and logical partitions, and restoration of USB storage media;
  • Restoration of data deleted from memory cards for digital cameras, mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs;
  • Restoration of files lost following formatting of logical partitions FAT and NTFS (supports NTFS compression);
  • Restoration of data accidentally deleted from USB memory sticks (including manufacturers Jetflash, Apacer and Sony).

Universal File Recovery Software

Hetman Uneraser

Deleted important documents directly or cleaned the Recycle Bin? Failed memory card or formatted hard drive caused loss of data? A power failure, a virus attack or a critical error on your hard drive may knock you out of work for a long time and destroy your data. Hetman Uneraser is a perfect way to restore files and folders from disks and memory cards!


Recover deleted files and folders in a few easy steps! Hetman Uneraser is simple to use, yet yields impressive results in recovering most of the lost data from all kinds of media. Supporting hard disks, USB drives, memory cards, and many other types of storage media, Hetman Uneraser can restore data from all types of FAT and NTFS disks. The file recovery software makes it easy to get back deleted files and folders as well as data lost after virus attacks, system failures, hard disk damage, and memory card corruption.

Using Hetman Uneraser could not be simpler. Just select the disk that used to contain your files, and Hetman Uneraser will perform the complete scan automatically. You can select, filter, sort, and preview the files it discovers before performing the data recovery step.

The free evaluation version is instantly available, and allows you previewing deleted files. There is an unconditional, 100% guarantee that the files that can be previewed correctly are fully recoverable!

  • Key features:
  • Recovers all types of files: digital pictures and RAW files, Word and Excel documents, audio and video files, compressed archives, email, and many other types of data;
  • Unerases deleted files, recovers files and folders from formatted and repartitioned disks, restores lost pictures from all types of memory cards such as SD, SDHC, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, and so on;
  • Recovers data from corrupted and inaccessible hard drives and disks after a system failure. Supports all versions and revisions of NTFS and FAT file systems;
  • Recovers files removed from Windows Recycle Bin.

Photo Data Recovery Software

Hetman Photo Recovery

Formatted a memory card with your last shooting session? Deleted a picture you wouldn’t mind getting back? Lost the entire photo album with a damaged disk or corrupted memory card? Hetman Photo Recovery takes care of anything that could happen with your digital pictures in just a few clicks!


The photo recovery software makes it easy to recover deleted images, including RAW files, from all types of storage media such as hard drives, USB-connected digital cameras, flash drives, and most types of digital memory cards such as SD, CompactFlash, Memory Stick, and alike. For Hetman Photo Recovery, it does not matter whether the disk was FAT or NTFS.

Using Hetman Photo Recovery could not be made easier. The complete recovery of all of your digital pictures is just a few clicks away! Simply selecting the drive letter of the disk or memory card that contained the pictures and clicking Next will launch the comprehensive scan of the media. In a few moments, a list of recoverable pictures will appear before your eyes with full clickable previews. If you see a preview of an image or RAW file, it’s definitely recoverable.

The free trial version is available for immediate download. The free edition of Hetman Photo Recovery allows previewing deleted pictures, including RAW files, and provides a 100% guarantee that the files that can be previewed are fully recoverable.

  • Key features:
  • Recovers digital pictures in all common and many exotic formats;
  • Recovers RAW files produced with digital SLR and certain compact cameras by major manufacturers;
  • Undeletes pictures deleted from digital cameras. Recovers images from formatted disks and memory cards;
  • Recovers lost pictures from all types of memory cards such as SD, SDHC, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, and alike;
  • Recovers pictures from disks formatted with FAT or NTFS;
  • Recovers images from corrupted and inaccessible disks. Recovers pictures deleted from the Recycle Bin.

Corrupted Data Recovery Software

Hetman File Repair

Are you looking for a way to restore a damaged file? Do your files not open or open with errors following restoration? Do your photos not open, or are your .jpg files only available in low resolution (“preview”)? A handy program for fixing files damaged during a failed data restoration attempt, following deletion, virus attack, unexpected system shutdown.


Hetman File Repair restores files damaged during failed data restoration attempts. It fixes errors in the logical file structure following a virus attack, or a software or hardware failure, or following data copying from a faulty hard disk or USB memory stick. The program interface is developed in the style of Windows Explorer, enabling you to easily find and fix damaged files and preview their contents.

The program repairs damaged JPG files in the following formats: *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.JPE, *.JFIF, *.TIFF, *.PNG, *.BMP. Digital image repair is carried out without JPEG encoding, removing the risk of loss of image quality. The software retrieves both the full and “preview” images from JPG files.

You can download the file restoration software to assess its capabilities for recovering the required data. The images you see in the preview are guaranteed to be saved once you have purchased the software. The program incorporates a File Restoration Wizard, which allows even new users to fix files in a few simple steps.

  • Key features:
  • Restores damaged files (or photos) in the following formats: *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.TIFF, *.PNG, *.BMP;
  • Fixes JPG logical file structure without JPEG data encoding, preserving the quality of the original image;
  • Displays files as a Windows Explorer window, and includes a built-in wizard that makes the program accessible to any user;
  • The software supports the following Microsoft Windows operating systems: 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7;
  • Displays file contents, enabling you to assess the program’s ability to fix the damaged files.