Fixing Corrupted Files

Igor is an engineer in a professional data recovery lab. The company daily serves dozens of small and large customers. Let’s find out what types of challenges he faces in his work.

Igor Kushnir
Full Name: Igor Kushnir
Age: 28 years
Position: Data Recovery Engineer
  • Mr. Kushnir, you are working as a software engineer in a PC repair company. Some of your customers come specifically for the purpose of data recovery. Do you have a tool of choice you would use to recover the data?
  • Yes, some of our customers will come specifically to retrieve information from their computers. More often than not, the issue is not connected with faulty hardware. I am mostly seeing data loss as a result of negligence, user error or, on some occasions, software errors. I can tell that the human factor does a major contribution to a typical data loss scenario. This, in turn, makes it possible to use software-based techniques to recover information from such disks. In my daily job, I use an all-in-one data recovery product called Hetman Partition Recovery.
  • What it does is automating routine operations of scanning the disk, searching for lost information, and actually saving the files onto a new storage media. I like using this tool because it replaces a bunch of different utilities. For example, I can use Hetman Partition Recovery to simply (and quickly) undelete files the customer wants to get back. I can use it to scan a formatted volume and still help the client to get their files back. I can also scan disks with damage or erased system structures such as partition tables or the MBR. Hetman Partition Recovery can handle all these scenarios without making me run a separate tool every time I encounter a disk with yet another problem.
  • What it can’t do on its own (and no software-only solution can) is repairing a disk with faulty mechanics or electronics. Those disks I have to put on a bench or repair them so that they become accessible. I then use Hetman Partition Recovery to capture the entire content of such disks into a disk image file in one consecutive read. This is the most reliable way to retrieve the content from faulty hard drives. I can then use Hetman Partition Recovery again with that disk image to actually extract user data (files and folders).

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